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Download Oracle SQL Tutorial 26 UTF 8 and UTF 16 mp4 download free video

UTF-8 and UTF-16 are different encodings for the Unicode character set Let s discuss UTF-8 first UTF-8 is what is known as a variable-length character set This means that the amount of storage a character takes up depends on what character it is For example, if we store the character A, it will only take up one byte In fact, ASCII is a subset of UTF-8 That means UTF-8 encoding can work with ASCII data If you are new to computer storage, a byte is a very small amount of information The smallest thing a computer can store is a bit 1 or 0 On or off There are 8 bits in a byte, 1024 bytes in a kilobyte, 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte, 1024 megabytes in a gigabyte, and 1024 gigabytes in a terabyte, and 1024 terabytes in a petabyte Considering it is completely possible for a database to be multiple petabytes, you can understand that a byte is very small If you store a non-English character, the size of UTF-8 will increase to 2, 3, or 4 bytes If you think back to when we used the VARCHAR data type, we passed in 50 CHAR The reason we throw in that CHAR is that the default for Oracle is 50 characters Now you can understand why adding the CHAR might be important If a character can take up multiple bytes, you cannot guarantee 50 characters Now, on to UTF-16 UTF-16 is also a variable length encoding, but it differs in that It is either 2 or 4 bytes That means to store an A, it now takes two bytes rather than one Even though a byte is so small, when you are storing billions of characters, an unnecessary byte really adds up to a lot of wasted storage We can only represent so many characters with 2 bytes When we run out of options, we move to four bytes to allow for other characters Which do we use? It often depends on what platform you are on and also what languages you are working with For example, if you are working with Asian language, UTF-16 stores each character in 2 bytes while UTF-8 stores each character in 3 bytes So you could save space by using UTF-16 Additionally, UTF-16 works better when you are writing code in Java or something from Microsoft NET because UTF-16, or a subset of it called UCS-2, is widely adopted Other than that, UTF-8 will be the one you want Now that we have built a pretty good foundation of character sets, we can now continue our discussion of data types ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support me! www patreon com calebcurry Subscribe to my newsletter bit ly JoinCCNewsletter Donate! bit ly DonateCTVM2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Links~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More content CalebCurry com Facebook www facebook com CalebTheVideoMaker Google+ s plus google com +CalebTheVideoMaker2 Twitter twitter com calebCurry Amazing Web Hosting - bit ly ccbluehost (The best web hosting for a cheap pr


Download Yatsugatake Lodge Atelier Hokuto mp4 download free video

go asianhotelsearch com Hotel Yatsugatake_Lodge_Atelier_Hokuto htm 温泉宿 Ã¥â€¦Â«Ã£Æ Â¶Ã¥Â²Â³Ã£Æ Â­Ã£Æ Æ Ã£Æ ÂÃ£Æ Â»Ã£â€šÂ¢Ã£Æ Ë†Ã£Æ ÂªÃ£â€šÂ¨Ã£ÂÂ¯Ã£â‚¬ÂÃ¦Â¾â€žÃ£â€šâ€œÃ£ÂÅ¸Ã§Â©ÂºÃ¦Â°â€"に静かなæžâ€"Ã£ÂÂ¨Ã¥Â±Â±Ã£â‚¬â€¦Ã£ÂÂ«Ã¥â€ºÂ²Ã£ÂÂ¾Ã£â€šÅ Ã£ÂÅ¸Ã£â€šÂ¢Ã£Æ Æ Ã£Æ Ë†Ã£Æ â€ºÃ£Æ Â¼Ã£Æ Â Ã£ÂÂªÃ©â€ºÂ°Ã¥â€ºÂ²Ã¦Â°â€"の宿。ゆったりと落ち着いた、まるてわか家のような雰囲æ°â€"Ã£ÂÂ¦Ã£Ââ„¢Ã£Ââ€¹Ã£â‚¬ÂÃ¤Â»ËœÃ£Ââ€¹Ã£Ââ„¢Ã©â€ºÂ¢Ã£â€šÅ Ã£Ââ„¢Ã£ÂÂ®Ã£â€šÂµÃ£Æ Â¼Ã£â€šÂ¦Ã£â€šÂ£Ã£â€šÂ¹Ã£â€šâ€šÃ¤ÂºÂºÃ¦Â°â€"Ã£ÂÂ®Ã£ÂÂ²Ã£ÂÂ¨Ã£ÂÂ¤Ã£â‚¬â€šÃ£ÂÂ¾Ã£ÂÅ¸Ã£â‚¬ÂÃ¥â€¦Â«Ã£Æ Â¶Ã¥Â²Â³Ã£ÂÂ®Ã¨Â±Å Ã£Ââ€¹Ã£ÂÂªÃ¦ÂºÂÃ¦Â³â€°Ã£Ââ€¹Ã£â€šâ€°Ã§â€ºÂ´Ã¦Å½Â¥Ã¥Â¼â€¢Ã£Ââ€žÃ£ÂÅ¸Ã¥Â¤Â©Ã§â€žÂ¶Ã¦Â¸Â©Ã¦Â³â€°Ã£ÂÂ®Ã¥Â®Â¶Ã¦â€"ÂÃ©Â¢Â¨Ã¥â€˜â€šÃ£â€šâ€šÃ¥Â½â€œÃ¥Â®Â¿Ã£ÂÂ®Ã¨â€¡ÂªÃ¦â€¦Â¢Ã£â‚¬â€šÃ§Â¾Å½Ã¨Â¡â€œÃ©Â¤Â¨Ã£â‚¬ÂÃ£Æ ÂªÃ£Æ Â©Ã£â€šÂ¯Ã£â€šÂ»Ã£Æ Â¼Ã£â€šÂ·Ã£Æ Â§Ã£Æ Â³Ã£â€šÂ¹Ã£Æ ÂÃ£â‚¬ÂÃ£Æ Â¬Ã£â€šÂ¹Ã£Æ Ë†Ã£Æ Â©Ã£Æ Â³Ã£ÂÂªÃ£ÂÂ¨Ã£â€šâ€šÃ£Ââ€šÃ£â€šÅ Ã£â‚¬ÂÃ§Â¾Å½Ã£Ââ€"Ã£Ââ€žÃ¨â€¡ÂªÃ§â€žÂ¶Ã§â€™Â°Ã¥Â¢Æ Ã£ÂÂ¨Ã£â€šÂ¢Ã£Æ Â¼Ã£Æ Ë†Ã£ÂÂ¨Ã£Ââ€¹Ã¨Å¾ÂÃ¥ÂË†Ã£Ââ€"た、æâ€"°ãâ€"いæâ€"‡åŠâ€"拠点の中て Ã£Ââ€šÃ£ÂÂªÃ£ÂÅ¸Ã£ÂÂ®Ã£ÂÅ Ã¥Â¥Â½Ã£ÂÂÃ£ÂÂªÃ£â€šÂ¹Ã£â€šÂ¿Ã£â€šÂ¤Ã£Æ Â«Ã£ÂÂ¦Ã£â‚¬ÂÃ¥Â¿Æ Ã£â€šâ€ Ã£ÂÂÃ£ÂÂ¾Ã£ÂÂ¦Ã£â€šâ€ Ã£ÂÂ£Ã£ÂÂÃ£â€šÅ Ã£ÂÂ¨Ã£ÂÅ Ã£ÂÂÃ£ÂÂ¤Ã£â€šÂÃ£ÂÂÃ£ÂÂÃ£ÂÅ¸Ã£Ââ€¢Ã£Ââ€žÃ£â‚¬â€š This de ion is based on information provided by the specialty lod


Download ’, Â, � etc How to fix strange encoding characters in WP or other SQL database mp4 download free video

Replace strange encoding characters in WP or other SQL database - utf8 vs utf-8 Below you can find examples of ready SQL queries fixing most common strange encoding characters problem UPDATE re1le2_posts SET post_content replace(post_content, ’ , " "); UPDATE re1le2_posts SET post_title replace(post_title, ’ , " "); UPDATE re1le2_posts SET post_excerpt replace(post_excerpt, ’ , " "); UPDATE re1le2_posts SET guid replace(guid, ’ , " "); UPDATE re1le2_post SET _value replace( _value, ’ , " "); UPDATE re1le2_post SET _value replace( _value, — , "-"); UPDATE re1le2_posts SET post_content replace(post_content, — , "-"); UPDATE re1le2_comments SET comment_content replace(comment_content, — , "-"); UPDATE re1le2_comments SET comment_content replace(comment_content, – , "-"); UPDATE re1le2_post SET _value replace( _value, – , "-"); UPDATE re1le2_posts SET post_content replace(post_content, – , "-"); UPDATE re1le2_posts SET post_title replace(post_title, – , "-"); UPDATE re1le2_options SET option_value replace(option_value,  , ""); UPDATE re1le2_post SET _value replace( _value,  , ""); UPDATE re1le2_posts SET post_content replace(post_content,  , ""); UPDATE re1le2_posts SET post_title replace(post_title,  ,


Download MAMAMOO(마마무) _ Starry Night(별이 빛나는 밤) Dance cover [CutieScythe] mp4 download free video

Bonjour tout le monde ! Nous revoici avec une nouvelle dance cover en collaboration avec Mizuki et Lina Keddman, n hésitez pas à aller voir leurs chaines Mizuki s www youtube com channel UC0HjUT0fS87XlVoUqgyDXgw Lina Keddman s www youtube com channel UCu7S_qyN1FXyxI-ukPCDAeA On ne pouvait pas passer à côté de ce comeback magnifique des MAMAMOO alors on a fait tout notre possible pour leur rendre un bel hommage D On espère que vous apprécierez la vidéo autant qu on a aimé la tourner ! N hésitez pas à aimer, commenter pour nous dire ce que vous en pensez, et surtout partager la vidéo si elle vous a plu ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone ! Here is our new dance cover, in collaboration with lina and mizuki, Go check their channels Mizuki s www youtube com channel UC0HjUT0fS87XlVoUqgyDXgw Lina Keddman s www youtube com channel UCu7S_qyN1FXyxI-ukPCDAeA We absolutely loved MAMAMOO s comeback so we tried to do our best with this cover D What a beautiful day it was ! Don t forget to like, comment and share if you liked the vid ) Dancers Solar Tia (IG @tia covers) Hwasa Ari (IG @cutiearibaby) Wheein Mizuki (IG @_mizuki_yazawa) Moonbyul Lina Keddman (IG @linakeddman) Filming Kelkel Editing Tia & Kelkel Thank you for watching ! fb s www facebook com CutieScythe instagram @cutiescythe twitter @cuties

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