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ASDC   Yangchuanosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus

ASDC Yangchuanosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus mp4 3gp

Just testin out some new SFX s i got a couple weeks ago ;) Next fight ~ Therizinosaurus vs Tarbosaurus *Credits* Stks Me, Jonahsa2000, GeorgieZill ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2012-04-13 01:25:35

PFG   Carnotaurus vs Eustreptospondylus

PFG Carnotaurus vs Eustreptospondylus mp4 3gp

Yes I realize this is inaccurate I just wanted to give a megalosaur a chance But to tell the truth to you guys, yes, Carnotaurus would win, because it was large ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2011-12-30 02:41:36

ASDC   Monolophosaurus vs Angaturama

ASDC Monolophosaurus vs Angaturama mp4 3gp

Stronger bite force wins This also includes a new ASDC fighter Angaturama Next fight ~ Yangchuanosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus *Credits* Stks ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2012-04-09 11:39:32

ASDC   Tyrannotitan vs Yangchuanosaurus

ASDC Tyrannotitan vs Yangchuanosaurus mp4 3gp

the new fight with my new intro for ASDC Next fight ~ Suchomimus vs Carcharodontosaurus *Credits* Predalian5-Tyrannotitan Albertozilla1974-Background ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2012-03-19 01:41:29

ASDC   Sinraptor vs Gasosaurus

ASDC Sinraptor vs Gasosaurus mp4 3gp

_- its not that good compared to my others Next Fight (First fight of August) ~ Bahariasaurus vs Ekrixinatosaurus *Credits* Stks me, predal ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2012-07-30 03:50:17

Allosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus

Allosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus mp4 3gp

2 s ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2015-11-02 07:03:32

ASDC   Afrovenator vs Torvosaurus

ASDC Afrovenator vs Torvosaurus mp4 3gp

The last fight for the month of March! yea i know its kinda quick but im JUST TO LAZY oh well i think its still good Next Fight (The First fight of April D ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2012-03-30 01:40:04

ASDC   Oxalaia vs Torvosaurus

ASDC Oxalaia vs Torvosaurus mp4 3gp

Next Fight ~ Nanotyrannus vs T-Rex *Credits* Jonahsa2000-Oxalaia (Originally Spinosaurus) Me (edits)-Torvosaurus, Protoceratops (car ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2012-02-26 05:49:17

NCUV Yangchuanosaurus vs Xenotarsosaurus

NCUV Yangchuanosaurus vs Xenotarsosaurus mp4 3gp

Next fight Spinosaurus vs Giganotosaurus Credits to CeratosaurRevolution M ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2012-12-20 19:02:15

PPBA Ekrixinatosaurus vs Yangchuanosaurus

PPBA Ekrixinatosaurus vs Yangchuanosaurus mp4 3gp

Here it is! Enjoy! D Requested Giganotosaurus productions Next fight Daspletosaurus vs Albertosaurus remake Credits Liko for Ekrix and GZF for Yang ( Edi ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2015-04-11 11:48:44

MDF Stegosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus

MDF Stegosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus mp4 3gp

Sorry das ist die Musik von Zoo Tycoon 2 Näster Fight Yangchuanosaurus vs Utahrap ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2012-06-23 07:30:03

Juvinel Allosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus

Juvinel Allosaurus vs Eustreptospondylus mp4 3gp

This is a Video I made with great help with a walk c ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2014-07-24 00:01:34

PBA  Eustreptospondylus vs  Dubreuillosaurus

PBA Eustreptospondylus vs Dubreuillosaurus mp4 3gp

Credits GeorgieZillaFan ( Georges Suppa ) for both st ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2016-10-24 15:13:51

ASDC   Carnotaurus vs Majungasaurus vs Abelisaurus

ASDC Carnotaurus vs Majungasaurus vs Abelisaurus mp4 3gp

Lol, my second 3-way fight, but this time with the abelisaurs! D hope u like it! Next Fight ~ Eocarcharia vs Daspletosaurus *Credits ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2012-03-03 06:40:06

Eustreptospondylus Vs Szechuanosaurus

Eustreptospondylus Vs Szechuanosaurus mp4 3gp

History An Eustreptospondylus is watching a szechuanosaurus The szechuanosaurus approaches and then Begins to attack and the eustreptospondylus bite ...

Sebastian Reyna Rivas |
2017-02-08 23:39:14

Eustreptospondylus Vs Szechuanosaurus As .MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV - Download video Eustreptospondylus Vs Szechuanosaurus mp4 3gp Download ASDC Yangchuanosaurus Vs Eustreptospondylus. mp3 3gp mp4 Download ASDC Yangchuanosaurus Vs Eustreptospondylus mp3 mp4 3gp, Eustreptospondylus Vs Szechuanosaurus.mp4

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