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Download How Money Controls Politics Thomas Ferguson Interview mp4 download free video

Thomas Ferguson (born 1949) is an American political scientist and author who studies and writes on politics and economics, often within a historical perspective He is a political science professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston and a member of the advisory board for George Soros Institute for New Economic Thinking He obtained his Ph D from Princeton University A contributing editor for The Nation and a contributing writer to The Huffington Post, he is a frequent guest and economic commentator on numerous radio and television programs He is known for his investment theory of party competition According to Noam Chomsky, Thomas Ferguson was warned while at MIT that his research might get him denied tenure at the Political Science Department In Chomsky s account, Ferguson was told "If you ever want to get tenure in this department, keep away from anything after the New Deal; you can write all of your radical stuff up to the New Deal, but if you try and do it for the post-New Deal period, you re never going to get tenure in this department " Although not explicitly mentioned, the research was ostensibly the investment theory of party competition The Investment theory of party competition (sometimes called the Investment theory of politics) is a political theory developed by University of Massachusetts Boston professor Thomas Ferguson The theory focuses on how business elites, not voters, play the leading part in political systems The theory offers an alternative to the conventional, voter-focused, political alignment theory and Median voter theorem which has been criticized by Ferguson, et al The theory states that, since money driven political systems are expensive and burdensome to ordinary voters, policy is created by competing coalitions of investors, not voters According to the theory, political parties (and the issues they campaign on) are created entirely for business interests, separated by the interests of numerous factors such as labor-intensive and capital-intensive, and free market and protectionist businesses In rare cases, labor unions sometimes act as major investors such as with the creation of the Labour Party in Britain, but are generally overshadowed by corporations However, this is different from a corporatist system in which elite interests come together and bargain to create policy In the investment theory, political parties act as the political arms of these business groups and therefore don t typically try to reconcile for policy Within this framework, the Democratic Party is generally said to favor internationalist capital-intensive businesses (along with labor unions) while the Republican Party favors nationalist, anti-union, labor-intensive businesses Labor-intensive investors made up much of the early political systems in the 18th and 19th centuries Industries such as textiles, rubber and steel favor economic protectionism with high tariffs and subsidies Since these businesses are mainly responsible for their domestic market, they are opposed to a Laissez-faire economy open to foreign competition These industries are also heavily against labor unions since unionization increases the price of their goods This is said to be responsible for the anti-union policies throughout much of the 18th and 19th centuries when these businesses controlled much of the economy Due to industrialization and new markets in the 20th century, capital-intensive investors became the new economic order after the realignment of the Great Depression Industries such as oil, banks, tobacco (and General Electric) along with labor formed the New Deal Coalition Capital-intensive industries have almost no percent of their value added based on labor and are therefore open to unionization, which, Ferguson states, is why pro-labor policies such as the Wagner Act were passed under the New Deal These investors also favor international competition and reduced tariffs which is said to have led to the Reciprocal Tariff Act (in response to the Smoot-Hawley Act) en wikipedia org wiki Thomas_Ferguson_%28academic%29 en wikipedia org wiki Investment_theory_of_party_compet


Download Suspense Tree of Life The Will to Power Overture in Two Keys mp4 download free video

Alfred Hitchcock s first thriller was his third silent film The Lodger (1926), a suspenseful Jack the Ripper story His next thriller was Blackmail (1929), his and Britain s first sound film Of Hitchcock s fifteen major features made between 1925 and 1935, only six were suspense films, the two mentioned above plus Murder!, Number Seventeen, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and The 39 Steps From 1935 on, however, most of his output was thrillers One of the earliest spy films was Fritz Lang s Spies (1928), the director s first independent production, with an anarchist international conspirator and criminal spy character named Haghi (Rudolf Klein-Rogge), who was pursued by good-guy Agent No 326 (Willy Fritsch) (aka Det Donald Tremaine, English version) -- this film anticipated the James Bond films of the future Another was Greta Garbo s portrayal of the real-life, notorious, seductive German double agent code-named Mata Hari (Gertrud Zelle) in World War I in Mata Hari (1932), who performed a pearl-draped dance to entice French officers to divulge their secrets The chilling German film M (1931) directed by Fritz Lang, starred Peter Lorre (in his first film role) as a criminal deviant who preys on children The film s story was based on the life of serial killer Peter Kurten (known as the Vampire of Düsseldorf ) Edward Sutherland s crime thriller Murders in the Zoo (1933) from Paramount starred Lionel Atwill as a murderous and jealous zoologist Other British directors, such as Walter Forde, Victor Saville, George A Cooper, and even the young Michael Powell made more thrillers in the same period; Forde made nine, Vorhaus seven between 1932 and 1935, Cooper six in the same period, and Powell the same Hitchcock was following a strong British trend in his choice of genre Notable examples of Hitchcock s early British suspense-thriller films include The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934), his first spy-chase romantic thriller, The 39 Steps (1935) with Robert Donat handcuffed to Madeleine Carroll and The Lady Vanishes (1938) en wikipedia org wiki Suspense_thr


Download Words at War The Ship From the Land of the Silent People Prisoner of the Japs mp4 download free video

The Yugoslav Front, also known as the National Liberation War, was a complex conflict that took place during World War II (1941--1945) in occupied Yugoslavia The war began after the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was overrun by Axis forces and partitioned between Germany, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and client regimes Primarily it was a guerilla liberation war fought by the communist-led, republican Yugoslav Partisans against the Axis occupying forces and their locally-established puppet regimes, such as the Independent State of Croatia and the Nedić government At the same time, it was a civil war between the Yugoslav Partisans and anti-communist paramilitaries, such as the Serbian royalist Chetniks and the Slovene Home Guard, whose level of collaboration and coordination with the Axis occupiers varied Both the Yugoslav Partisans and the Chetnik movement initially resisted the occupation However, after 1941, the Chetniks adopted a "policy of collaboration " They collaborated extensively and systematically with the Italian occupation forces until the Italian capitulation, and thereon also with German and Ustaše forces [13][14] The Axis mounted a series of offensives intended to destroy the Partisans, coming close to doing so in winter and spring of 1943 Despite the setbacks, the Partisans remained a credible fighting force, gaining recognition from the Western Allies and laying the foundations for the post-war Yugoslav state With support in logistics, equipment, training, and air power from the Western Allies, and Soviet ground troops in the Belgrade Offensive, the Partisans eventually gained control of the entire country and of border regions of Italy and Austria The human cost of the war was enormous The number of war victims is still in dispute, but is generally agreed to have been at least one million Non-combat victims included the majority of the country s Jewish population, many of whom perished in concentration and extermination camps (e g Jasenovac, Banjica) run by the client regimes In addition, the Croatian Ustaše regime committed genocide against local Serbs and Roma, the Chetniks pursued ethnic cleansing against the Muslim and Croat population, and Italian occupation authorities against Slovenes German troops also carried out mass executions of civilians in retaliation for resistance activity (Kragujevac massacre) Finally, during and after the final stages of the war, Yugoslav authorities and Partisan troops carried out reprisals, including the deportation of the Danube Swabian population, forced marches and executions of thousands of captured collaborators and civilians fleeing their advance (Bleiburg massacre), and atrocities against the Italian population in Istria (Foibe killings) en wikipedia org wiki Yugoslavia_in_World_W


Download You Bet Your Life Secret Word Car Clock Name mp4 download free video

Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx (October 2, 1890 -- August 19, 1977) was an American comedian and film and television star He is known as a master of quick wit and widely considered one of the best comedians of the modern era His rapid-fire, often impromptu delivery of innuendo-laden patter earned him many admirers and imitators He made 13 feature films with his siblings the Marx Brothers, of whom he was the third-born He also had a successful solo career, most notably as the host of the radio and television game show You Bet Your Life His distinctive appearance, carried over from his days in vaudeville, included quirks such as an exaggerated stooped posture, glasses, cigar, and a thick greasepaint mustache and eyebrows These exaggerated features resulted in the creation of one of the world s most ubiquitous and recognizable novelty disguises, known as "Groucho glasses", a one-piece mask consisting of horn-rimmed glasses, large plastic nose, bushy eyebrows and mustache Groucho Marx was, and is, the most recognizable and well-known of the Marx Brothers Groucho-like characters and references have appeared in popular culture both during and after his life, some aimed at audiences who may never have seen a Marx Brothers movie Groucho s trademark eye glasses, nose, mustache, and cigar have become icons of comedy—glasses with fake noses and mustaches (referred to as "Groucho glasses", "nose-glasses," and other names) are sold by novelty and costume shops around the world Nat Perrin, close friend of Groucho Marx and writer of several Marx Brothers films, inspired John Astin s portrayal of Gomez Addams on the 1960s TV series The Addams Family with similarly thick mustache, eyebrows, sardonic remarks, backward logic, and ever-present cigar (pulled from his breast pocket already lit) Alan Alda often vamped in the manner of Groucho on M*A*S*H In one episode, "Yankee Doodle Doctor", Hawkeye and Trapper put on a Marx Brothers act at the 4077, with Hawkeye playing Groucho and Trapper playing Harpo In three other episodes, a character appeared who was named Captain Calvin Spalding (played by Loudon Wainwright III) Groucho s character in Animal Crackers was Captain Geoffrey T Spaulding On many occasions, on the 1970s television sitcom All In The Family, Michael Stivic (Rob Reiner), would briefly imitate Groucho Marx and his mannerisms Two albums by British rock band Queen, A Night at the Opera (1975) and A Day at the Races (1976), are named after Marx Brothers films In March 1977, Groucho invited Queen to visit him in his Los Angeles home; there they performed " 39" a capella A long-running ad campaign for Vlasic Pickles features an animated stork that imitates Groucho s mannerisms and voice On the famous Hollywood Sign in California, one of the "O"s is dedicated to Groucho Alice Cooper contributed over $27,000 to remodel the sign, in memory of his friend In 1982, Gabe Kaplan portrayed Marx in the film Groucho, in a one-man stage production He also imitated Marx occasionally on his previous TV sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter Actor Frank Ferrante has performed as Groucho Marx on stage for more than two decades He continues to tour under rights granted by the Marx family in a one-man show entitled An Evening With Groucho in theaters throughout the United States and Canada with piano accompanist Jim Furmston In the late 1980s Ferrante starred as Groucho in the off-Broadway and London show Groucho A Life in Revue penned by Groucho s son Arthur Ferrante portrayed the comedian from age 15 to 85 The show was later filmed for PBS in 2001 Woody Allen s 1996 musical Everyone Says I Love You, in addition to being named for one of Groucho s signature songs, ends with a Groucho-themed New Year s Eve party in Paris, which some of the stars, including Allen and Goldie Hawn, attend in full Groucho costume The highlight of the scene is an ensemble song-and-dance performance of "Hooray for Captain Spaulding"—done entirely in French In the last of the Tintin comics, Tintin and the Picaros, a balloon shaped like the face of Groucho could be seen in the Annual Carnival In the Italian horror comic Dylan Dog, the protagonist s sidekick is a Groucho impersonator whose character became his permanent personality The BBC remade the radio sitcom Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel, with contemporary actors playing the parts of the original cast The series was repeated on digital radio station BBC7 Scottish playwright Louise Oliver wrote a play named Waiting For Groucho about Chico and Harpo waiting for Groucho to turn up for the filming of their last project together This was performed by Glasgow theatre company Rhymes with Purple Productions at the Edinburgh Fringe and in Glasgow and Hamilton in 2007-08 Groucho was played by Scottish actor Frodo McDaniel en wikipedia org wiki Gr


Download On the Run from the CIA The Experiences of a Central Intelligence Agency Case Officer mp4 download free video

Agee stated that his Roman Catholic social conscience had made him increasingly uncomfortable with his work by the late 1960s leading to his disillusionment with the CIA and its support for authoritarian governments across Latin America About the book s www amazon com gp product 0818404191 ref as_li_tl?ie UTF8&camp 1789&creative 9325&creativeASIN 0818404191&linkCode as2&tag tra0c7-20&linkId b294725503e4fb16b4878d6070a5adcb He and other dissidents took encouragement in their stand from the Church Committee (1975-76), which cast a critical light on the role of the CIA in assassinations, domestic espionage, and other illegal activities In the book Agee condemned the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre in Mexico City and wrote that this was the immediate event precipitating his leaving the agency While Agee claimed that the CIA was "very pleased with his work," offered him "another promotion" and his superior "was startled" when Agee told him about his plans to resign, the anti-communist journalist John Barron claims that Agee s resignation was forced "for a variety of reasons, including his irresponsible drinking, continuous and vulgar propositioning of embassy wives, and inability to manage his finances " Agee was accused by U S President George H W Bush of being responsible for the death of Richard Welch, a Harvard-educated classicist who was murdered by the Revolutionary Organization 17 November while heading the CIA Station in Athens Bush had directed the CIA from 1976 to 1977 Inside the Company identified 250 alleged CIA officers and agents The officers and agents, all personally known to Agee, are listed in an appendix to the book While written as a diary, it is actually a reconstruction of events based on Agee s memory and his subsequent research Agee writes that his first overseas assignment was in 1960 to Ecuador where his primary mission was to force a diplomatic break between Ecuador and Cuba, no matter what the cost to Ecuador s shaky stability, using bribery, intimidation, bugging, and forgery Agee spent four years in Ecuador penetrating Ecuadorian politics He states that his actions subverted and destroyed the political fabric of Ecuador Agee helped bug the United Arab Republic code room in Montevideo, Uruguay, with two contact microphones placed on the ceiling of the room below On December 12, 1965 Agee explains how he visited senior Uruguayan military and police officers at a Montevideo police headquarters He realized that the screaming he heard from a nearby cell was the torturing of a Uruguayan, whose name he had given to the police as someone to watch The Uruguayan senior officers simply turned up a radio report of a soccer game to drown out the screams Agee also ran CIA operations within the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games and he witnessed the events of the Tlatelolco massacre Agee stated that President José Figueres Ferrer of Costa Rica, President Luis Echeverría Álvarez (1970--1976) of Mexico and President Alfonso López Michelsen (1974--1978) of Colombia were CIA collaborators or agents Following this he details how he resigned from the CIA and began writing the book, conducting research in Cuba, London and Paris During this time he alleges he was being spied on by the CIA en wikipedia org wiki Philip


Download Words at War Assignment USA The Weeping Wood Science at War mp4 download free video

The Detroit Race Riot broke out in Detroit, Michigan in June 20, 1943, and lasted for three days before Federal troops restored order The rioting between blacks and whites began on Belle Isle on June 20, 1943 and continued until the 22nd of June, killing 34, wounding 433, and destroying property valued at $2 million In the summer of 1943, in the midst of World War II, tensions between blacks and whites in Detroit were escalating Detroit s population had grown by 350,000 people since the war began The booming defense industries brought in large numbers of people with high wages and very little available housing 50,000 blacks had recently arrived along with 300,000 whites, mostly from rural Appalachia and Southern States [2] Recruiters convinced blacks as well as whites in the South to come up North by promising them higher wages in the new war factories Believing that they had found a promised land, blacks began to move up North in larger numbers However, upon arriving in Detroit, blacks found that the northern bigotry was just as bad as that they left behind in the deep South They were excluded from all public housing except Brewster Housing Projects, forced to live in homes without indoor plumbing, and paid rents two to three times higher than families in white districts They also faced discrimination from the public and unfair treatment by the Detroit Police Department [3] In addition, Southern whites brought their traditional bigotry with them as both races head up North, adding serious racial tensions to the area Job-seekers arrived in such large numbers in Detroit that it was impossible to house them all Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U S government was concerned about providing housing for the workers who were beginning to pour into the area On June 4, 1941, the Detroit Housing Commission approved two sites for defense housing projects--one for whites, one for blacks The site originally selected by the commission for black workers was in a predominantly black area, but the U S government chose a site at Nevada and Fenelon streets, an all-white neighborhood To complete this, a project named Sojourner Truth was launched in the memory of a black Civil War woman and poet Despite this, the white neighborhoods opposed having blacks moving next to their homes, meaning no tenants were to be built On January, 20, 1942, Washington DC informed the Housing Commission that the Sojourner Truth project would be for whites and another would be selected for blacks But when a suitable site for blacks could not be found, Washington housing authorities agreed to allow blacks into the finished homes This was set on February 28, 1942 [4] In February 27, 1942, 120 whites went on protest vowing they would keep any black homeowners out of their sight in response to the project By the end of the day, it had grown to more than 1,200, most of them were armed Things went so badly that two blacks in a car attempted to run over the protesters picket line which led to a clash between white and black groups Despite the mounting opposition from whites, black families moved into the project at the end of April To prevent a riot, Detroit Mayor Edward Jeffries ordered the Detroit Police Department and state troops to keep the peace during that move Over 1,100 city and state police officers and 1,600 Michigan National Guard troops were mobilized and sent to the area around Nevada and Fenelon street to guard six African-American families who moved into the Sojourner Truth Homes Thanks to the presence of the guard, there were no further racial problems for the blacks who moved into this federal housing project Eventually, 168 black families moved into these homes [5] Despite no casualties in the project, the fear was about to explode a year later [6] In early June 1943, three weeks before the riot, Packard Motor Car Company promoted three blacks to work next to whites in the assembly lines This promotion caused 25,000 whites to walk off the job, effectively slowing down the critical war production It was clear that whites didn t mind that blacks worked in the same plant but refused to work side-by-side with them During the protest, a voice with a Southern accent shouted in the loudspeaker, "I d rather see Hitler and Hirohito win than work next to a nigger" en wikipedia org wiki Detroit_Race_Riot_%2819

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