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Black Hawk Bow Uber Viz

Black Hawk Bow Uber Viz mp4 video

Some very nice viz on the Black Hawk Bow section A WW2 American liberty ship sunk in Warbarrow Bay Dorset UK The wreck lies in around 17m of w ...

BorisCCRCam |
2018-06-10 19:03:16

Swimming Scallops

Swimming Scallops mp4 video

I think I m right in saying that these are Queen Scallops by virtue of their smaller size and curved top and bottom shell As you can see, these guys like swimmin ...

BorisCCRCam |
2013-07-07 15:41:59

Surface Supplied KM47 and Band Mask

Surface Supplied KM47 and Band Mask mp4 video

Surface supplied Kirby Morgan Band Mask and KM47 hard had aquaint day Thanks to Andark commercial training divi ...

BorisCCRCam |
2017-04-01 19:29:05

Andark Lake

Andark Lake mp4 video

Finally got round to having a go in Andark Diving and Watersport s new diver training lake in Swanwick north of Southampton The lake is not fully open to club ...

BorisCCRCam |
2014-02-02 15:52:13

M2 November 17

M2 November 17 mp4 video

Dark and dingy but still tonnes of ...

BorisCCRCam |
2017-11-18 17:05:43

Vobster Sea King

Vobster Sea King mp4 video

New Sea King Helicopter attraction in Vobster Quay Attracting quite a lot of attention as can be ...

BorisCCRCam |
2018-01-28 15:34:00

Pom Fish

Pom Fish mp4 video

Large shoals of fish (probably Pollock) on the wreck on the Pomeranian in Lyme ...

BorisCCRCam |
2015-06-14 19:02:27

Swimming Scallops 2

Swimming Scallops 2 mp4 video

Back out on the Lulworth Banks Dorset UK filming swimming scallops Lots of them this ...

BorisCCRCam |
2015-03-14 18:55:58

John Dory

John Dory mp4 video

Short film of two John Dorys (Zeus Faber) i ran into on the wreck of the Fleur de Lis on a shake down dive It s not that common to see them but two on the sam ...

BorisCCRCam |
2011-10-12 20:54:54

Portland Plane Wreck

Portland Plane Wreck mp4 video

Out with the Weymouth Shipwreck Project surveying the wreck of an unidentified aircraft off Portlan ...

BorisCCRCam |
2014-07-03 18:25:23

Wreck of the Fleur De Lis in Swanage Bay Dorset UK

Wreck of the Fleur De Lis in Swanage Bay Dorset UK mp4 video

Lots of fish life to see on the well known local Swanage wreck Fleur De Lis This is a small wooden single screw fishing boat which is now largely broken ...

BorisCCRCam |
2011-07-16 20:38:12

VR Technology Sentinel First Sea Dive

VR Technology Sentinel First Sea Dive mp4 video

My buddy Richard taking his shiny new VR Technology Sentinel Rebreather for it s first sea dip This unit has the latest revision of the optical comms and a CO ...

BorisCCRCam |
2011-03-20 20:17:17

Pink Sea Fan 2015

Pink Sea Fan 2015 mp4 video

This is a short film of a pink sea fan which grows on the wreck of the Countess of Erne in Portland Harbour Dorset UK These things grow very slowly! This is th ...

BorisCCRCam |
2015-03-22 20:17:43

Wreck of the James Fennel

Wreck of the James Fennel mp4 video

Very nice viz dive off Tango with Southampton Solent University BSAC club on the wreck of the James Fennel which ran aground on rocks just along fro ...

BorisCCRCam |
2011-04-25 19:05:46


Moidart mp4 video

Beautiful dive on the wreck of the SS Moidart and armed merchantman torpedoed in 1918 The wreck lies upright in 36m in Lyme Bay Dorse ...

BorisCCRCam |
2013-07-13 23:22:13

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