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Venomous Snakes Feeding Day

Venomous Snakes Feeding Day mp4 video

Feeding some of most dangerous snakes in the world Snakes in order of appearance Massasauga rattlesnake, monocled cobra, Sonoran desert sidewinder ...

DemonLDR |
2016-08-13 20:28:54

Saw Scaled Viper

Saw Scaled Viper mp4 video

A bad tempered E c sochureki, showing why they re one of the deadliest snakes on earth The noise they make is caused by rubbing their heavily keeled scale ...

DemonLDR |
2015-03-23 15:07:39

Rattlesnake Fun  The Benny Hill show

Rattlesnake Fun The Benny Hill show mp4 video

Benny Hill strikes again This time he takes on a young western diamondback rattles ...

DemonLDR |
2014-08-15 19:06:41

King cobra watching me vacuum up

King cobra watching me vacuum up mp4 video

The king cobra is a curious snake Watch him watching me vacuum the floor This snake doesn t belong to me, I was looking after it for a friend when the vide ...

DemonLDR |
2017-06-06 16:29:46

A box full of snakes

A box full of snakes mp4 video

A box with 30 baby boas Better videos will be uploaded once they ve shed and settle ...

DemonLDR |
2014-08-08 20:39:22

Vipera  ammodytes

Vipera ammodytes mp4 video

Nose horned viper A lot of people wrongly assume these have similar venom to the V berus, however that s not the case These are far more toxic, and contai ...

DemonLDR |
2014-11-08 21:45:20

White lipped tree viper (T  albolabris)

White lipped tree viper (T albolabris) mp4 video

Trimeresurus albolabris takes her ...

DemonLDR |
2012-05-15 22:26:54

Yellow rat snake attacks camera!

Yellow rat snake attacks camera! mp4 video

My female yellow everglades ratsnake She is pretty aggressive and tryng to bite me while filming ...

DemonLDR |
2010-09-15 18:09:03

How fast does a rattlesnake strike? SLOW MOTION

How fast does a rattlesnake strike? SLOW MOTION mp4 video

Years of experience can prepare you for most things, but it cannot help you avoid a bite if you re already in r ...

DemonLDR |
2015-01-05 17:02:17

Spitting Cobra  Eye cap removal

Spitting Cobra Eye cap removal mp4 video

A good grip is essential when restraining any venomous snake Just as I go to remove the eye cap, the snake opens it s mouth and lunges forward, squirtin ...

DemonLDR |
2015-08-14 23:32:17

Cobra With Nose Rub

Cobra With Nose Rub mp4 video

This video is a collection of pictures, with dates and notes; showing the progression and healing period of nose rub, on an adult male Indochinese spitting cobr ...

DemonLDR |
2015-09-07 23:01:57

Cobra Feeding

Cobra Feeding mp4 video

Monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia) Look how high she lifts her ...

DemonLDR |
2013-08-14 18:50:33

Pit Viper Buffet

Pit Viper Buffet mp4 video

Five Cyptelytrops beautiful pit vipers eating out How cool is t ...

DemonLDR |
2014-07-09 21:42:12

Coral Cobra live feeding

Coral Cobra live feeding mp4 video

Some snakes will only take live prey I ve tried all the tricks in the book to get her onto defrost, but she s only taken 2 pinkies in the past 6 months - and a few ...

DemonLDR |
2015-06-05 23:33:32

Man stuck in car

Man stuck in car mp4 video

Grown man tries to fit in a child s toy car and gets s ...

DemonLDR |
2014-10-08 13:13:55

Man stuck in car As .MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV - Download video Man stuck in car mp4 3gp Download DemonLDR. mp3 3gp mp4 Download DemonLDR mp3 mp4 3gp, Man stuck in car.mp4
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