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For centuries India s social structure was built around a rigid Hindu caste system While the caste system was constitutionally abolished in 1950, its legacy still deeply affects contemporary Indian society The Hindu population, around 84 percent of the 1 2 billion people that live in the country, is still influenced by the four main traditional castes, which also have their own sub-sects Brahmins, the priestly and academic class; Kshatriya, the warrior caste; Vaishya, which comprises the business community; and Shudra, the working class Outside these four groups are others, including the Dalits, who are at the bottom of the hierarchy Dalits have traditionally done jobs considered ritually impure, like garbage collection, street sweeping, the cremation of dead bodies and the disposal of human waste With Dalits continuing to face prejudice and discrimination within their own communities, some try to find social acceptance by converting to Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism or Islam "It bothers me whenever I introduce myself People ask about my surname," says Rakesh, who s a dhobi, the washerman caste Rakesh has converted to Islam and changed his name to Ali Kanojia "I tell them my name is Rakesh They ask, Rakesh what? They normally ask you this at a Hindu s house," he says But conversion is not simply a way out - prejudices still carry over into other religions Many converts face resistance and even violence from their families or the communities they were born into and the new chosen faith can pose a different set of challenges - like those faced by Ali Kanojia from his own family "It s not easy to convert to Islam," he says "They [the family] say it s not right I ask, Why? They say it s because Muslims have a bad reputation " Abdulrahman Bharti s conversion to Islam almost cost him his life "I got shot by Hindu people from the Sawar clan When a person converts, the new religion welcomes them, but people from the old religion try to stop them If they can t, they ll try to kill them This happened to me," says Bharti who was shot in the chest and leg After independence in 1947, the Indian government introduced positive discrimination in favour of low caste groups, but not everyone enjoys the same benefits It’s a highly complex benefit structure with certain jobs, education opportunities and political representation reserved for different social and religious groups The Reservation Act covers a wide range of eventualities, but for Dalits the disadvantages of conversion may arguably outweigh the advantages, especially when it comes to jobs "The protection includes Sikhs and Jains, and Buddhists, but it doesn t include Christians and Muslims, so what happens is that they get excluded from those - the quotas for SCs [Scheduled Castes]," says Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director for Human Rights Watch Kanojia, for instance, has not been able to get a government job "If you don t have a lower caste certificate you won t get a reserved job I don t have the lower caste certificate My parents were illiterate and had little understanding of things I can t get a job anywhere," says Kanojia Set primarily in Mumbai and in the Madhya Pradesh countryside, this film provides an insight into conversion to other religions - the social reformer and principal architect of the Indian constitution, BR Ambedkar, was born a Dalit and converted to Buddhism and many followed in his footsteps - and the processes for finalising conversions We hear the personal stories of different Dalit Muslims and the campaign of one man, descended from Muslim converts, to end garbage picking and discrimination against Dalits in Madhya Pradesh This is part of a broader struggle where castes, clans and religions determine the course of millions of lives More from Al Jazeera World on YouTube - aje io ajw_yt Facebook - s www facebook com AlJazeeraWorld Twitter - s twitter com AlJazeera_World Visit our website - www aljazeera com aljazeeraworld Subscribe to our channel - bit ly AJSubs


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SOUNDS OF GLOBAL WORSHIP INDIA - THE DALIT STORY The caste system of India has produced a classless people, literally outcasts, called the Dalits, or untouchables They number about 300,000,000, representing close to one-third of India s total population If the Dalits were a nation, it would be larger than the United States of America and the fifth largest in the world An incredible movement is taking place in which many Dalits are rejecting Hinduism, which is believed to be the cause of their condition, and in large numbers are embracing other religions, including Christianity Although some churches are found among the Dalits, mostly this movement is in its infancy Other videos in this series, Sounds of Global Worship, feature examples of the varied worship expressions found among these people It is the desire of Heart Sounds International to help this emerging church develop its own indigenous worship forms Of interest is the fact that many of India s artists and creative people come from among the Dalits, and we believe that in time these new Christian believers will compose many new songs of worship to the Lord This video is an excerpt from a documentary that Heart Sounds completed by invitation of a ministry within India It reveals the plight of the Dalits as they struggle to find freedom in the midst of a very difficult situation Many are finding this freedom through the good news of Jesus Christ Whom the Dalits also recognize as a Dalit, or outcast COPYRIGHT HEART SOUNDS INTERNATIONAL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED VISIT THE WEBSITE OF HEART SOUNDS INTERNATIONAL www heart-sound


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64 years of freedom and dalits remain captive ?I believe that if Gandhi ever made a mistake it was grouping all of us lower castes under the term ?Harijan?, ?says Community Correspondent (CC) Satyawan Verma from Hisar, Haryana Amit Kumar, CC from Kurukshetra also in Haryana nods in agreement ?It literally means ?the people of God? But the label stuck and a single word effectively ghettoised around 200 million people,? he says ?I realize that perhaps he had our best interests in mind but the fact that only we were supposed to play ?god?s people? seems patronizing If I am ?god?s people?, so is everyone, you and me and everything under the sun ? Jai Kumar, CC from Ludhiana in the neighbouring state of Punjab is visibly agitated ?I hope the British would return to rule us all over again,? he explodes One is perplexed and lost at this seemingly reactionary, anti-national outburst but Amit steps in to explain his comrade?s stand and anger He says,? Before independence, we were gathering garbage, cleaning drains, scavenging, being abused and tortured and denied our human rights After independence, very little has changed There is an India on the road to progress, registering itself as a major player in the scheme of the world but for us dalits, India is a country where time has stood still for thousands of years ? Satyawan, Amit and Jai have been community leaders and dalit activists before they joined IndiaUnheard Their experiences speak not just from the grassroots work they have done with their communities but also from the life they have lived At 23, Satyawan became the youngest headman of his village But as he tried to work his way around the political system, he found that in his predominantly upper caste constituency, caste put him at a disadvantage He never received the grants that were supposed to come to him and he realized that the only way he was going to get any work done was by paying through his own pocket So exasperated was he at the end of his term that he refused to stand for the re-election For Amit, it was the discrimination that he experienced in school at the hands of upper caste students and teachers and later, his co-workers when he began work in the private sector that solidified his resolve to speak out for his community And so disillusioned was Jai with the oppression of caste that he renounced his religion and turned a Buddhist ?Caste is the elephant in contemporary India?s room,? he says ?It?s taking so much space that I can hardly get my toe in ? Investigating the caste system in India is an exasperating and frequently paradoxical process Its origins and existence have been made vague but the system has worked its way into every major religion and public and private spaces But still, the official line on caste discrimination teeters between complete denial and the attempt to sweep the whole mess under the carpet They would have you believe that the country has collectively enlightened and risen beyond this petty ?aparthied? They would tell you that the Constitution of the country which provides social, political and economic justice for all has in place provisions which ensure that the lives, dignity and livelihood of the dalits are secure Any exploitation along the lines of caste has been forbidden and long abolished In fact, they?ll tell you, the most vulnerable segments are given special protection Special reservations have been made for the underprivileged so that they can participate in the economic, social and political mainstream From the couch to the TV, it appears as an inspiring portrait of a young nation of one billion citizens moving upwards into a brighter future You have to look beyond the mainstream, towards the margins to realize that every day, in every 18 minutes, in the space of 3 advertisement breaks and half a news program, an atrocity crime is committed against a dalit A closer inspection of the systems of power in India can testify to the exploitation and marginalization of the dalits You may see it or you may not but it?s everywhere In the political scheme, in spite of constitutional reservation, dalit representatives are few The paradox remains that the dalit vote bank is much sought after and political parties are known to offer false promises and even stoop as low as to resort to blatantly undemocratic measures like threatening and pressurizing the people to gather their vote Even so-called dalit parties are known to suspend all disbelief and willingly join hands with the upper caste right wing if that assures then a place in the ruling government ?Dalit ideology and identity is missing from present day politics,? says Satyawan, speaking from experience ?What is the point is you are a dalit but speak in the words of a Brahmin?? The justice system fares no better The conviction rate for crimes against dalits is a paltry 15% and 85% of cases are kept in a perpetual state of being ?pend


Download Dalit Women (We are not untouchable End caste discrimination now) mp4 download free video

Go to www endcaste com today - it takes one click to register your support to end caste discrimination! Caste discrimination is a global human rights issue affecting an estimated 260 million people across the world, the majority of which live in South Asia where they call themselves Dalits The human rights violations against Dalits fundamentally breach the principles of equality and non-discrimination and despite legislation in many countries prohibiting caste discrimination Dalits have little or no access to justice and crimes against them are often committed with impunity This short film brings to light a handful of violations that those who continue to be treated as untouchables , are subjected to, focusing particularly on Dalit Women who must deal with multiple discrimination due to gender and caste They also show how Dalit activists stand up for their rights and demand change The film is launched in connection with the introductory film on caste discrimination - We are not untouchable - End caste discrimination now The two film are a collage of video material from Dalit community video volunteers, documentary filmmakers, and NGOs They cover India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Yemen Extract of some of the cases included in the films Violence and Murder A six year-old Dalit girl is thrown into a fire for walking on a road reserved for upper castes and a Dalit woman is shot dead when protesting illegal takeover of Dalit land Segregation Dalits are treated as untouchables and Dalit children in schools are made to clean the toilets, sit at the back of the classroom and eat separately from the other children Rape and sexual abuse Dalit women describe how they are abused and raped by upper castes , often in retaliation for Dalit communities asserting their rights Forced prostitution A 14 year-old Dalit girl in Nepal works as a prostitute because it is prescribed to her caste and in India Dalit girls are made to work as temple prostitutes Unacceptable labour conditions Dalits working as debt-slaves in bonded labour to upper caste landlords and Dalits working with no protective gear cleaning out city se

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