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🎧 GET PERFECT TEETH IN 10 MINUTES! SUBLIMINAL AFFIRMATIONS BOOSTER! REAL RESULTS DAILY! 🎧 GET SUBLIMINAL RESULTS 🎧LOOP THIS VIDEO CLICK HERE! s www youtube com watch?v ssA21mllym4&list PLmhzyJXSBmRZxqIiBBFg3nfB1mnr5Yleu 🎧SUBSCRIBE NOW! CLICK HERE! s www youtube com channel UC8iPJVsXVuSV5dYSPhPRHfg?sub_confirmation 1 Do you desire to have perfect teeth? Do you imagine and dream of having perfect teeth? Are you tired of listening to the same subliminal channel without getting any significant results? Would you like to get results 10x Faster? Well you have come to the right place Welcome to the next level of Subliminal Brainwave Entrainment Frequency Subliminal Affirmations Booster is the new frontier that will be providing amazingly fast results as we are utilizing new untapped state of the art technology backed by vibrational and energetic programming to ensure that we tap directly into the subconscious mind to provide super fast results to our listener The powerful hidden suggestions easily bypass your conscious resistance and tap into the only level that allows you to create a tremendous change – your subconscious mind Your subconscious absorbs these messages as absolute truth and obeys accordingly Once your limiting beliefs are removed, there’s nothing that can stop you Create the life you deserve fast with minimal effort Listen to this 10 minute Subliminal Results formula over and over and you will be amazed by the results you will get 🎧 GET PERFECT TEETH IN 10 MINUTES! SUBLIMINAL AFFIRMATIONS BOOSTER! REAL RESULTS DAILY! We purposely embed very low subliminal affirmations so that the listener cannot hear them this way the subliminals can go directly to your subconscious mind without any judging or disbelief from your conscious mind Listen at least twice a day until you get your desired results Headphones are optional unless stated within the de ion Achieve all of your goals, faster and easier than you can even imagine! Affirmations include - My teeth are clean and healthy My gums are in perfect health I always brush my teeth every day I floss regularly The circulation around my mouth is healthy and strong My teeth are beautiful I take great care of my teeth and gums My teeth are strong Other people admire my healthy teeth I am focused on proper oral hygiene I will always have healthy teeth and gums I will brush my teeth every day I will floss my teeth frequently I will do everything possible to maintain healthy teeth and gums My gums are becoming healthier My teeth are becoming stronger The blood flow to my mouth is improving Others are starting to notice my great smile I will always take care of my teeth Having healthy teeth and gums is essential to my overall health My subconscious mind is being penetrated with 1000 s of subliminal affirmations right now at this moment! My subconscious mind is accepting 1000 s of subliminal affirmations right now at this moment! My subconscious mind agrees to speed up my subliminal affirmations right now at this moment! My subconscious mind is now fully open to receive subliminal affirmations and make changes right now at this moment! My subconscious mind is boosting my subliminal affirmations right now at this moment! This subliminal affirmations results booster is making changed right now at this moment! This subliminal results booster is penetrating my subconscious mind right now at this moment! This subliminal results booster is producing amazing results right now at this moment! My teeth are naturally strong Oral health is important I love the feeling of a clean and healthy mouth Taking perfect care of my teeth and gums is something I just naturally do I have a perfect oral hygiene routine This subliminal results booster is working so fast right now at this moment! This subliminal results booster is clearly working right now at this moment! I am getting results right now at this moment! I am noticing results right now at this moment! I am seeing results right now at this moment! I am amazed by the results in right now at this moment! I am feeling the results right now at this moment! I love my new subliminal results! I love penetrating my subconscious mind with these powerful subliminal affirmations! This subliminal affirmations booster works great on me! I am getting amazing results now! My results are incredible! I am getting results super fast now! Maintaining good oral health habits is becoming easier and easier I have healthy teeth and gums I can improve the health of my teeth and gums Remembering to floss is easy Flossing is enjoyable The results I am getting are super amazing! and much much more! All results from these subliminal affirmations are permanent 🎧 GET PERFECT TEETH IN 10 MINUTES! SUBLIMINAL AFFIRMATIONS BOOSTER! REAL RESULTS D



GET PERFECT STRAIGHT TEETH WITHOUT BRACES FAST! - SUBLIMINAL ☞SUBSCRIBE ITS FREE ) s www youtube com channel UCX4JC6NnvfGC9i3kwSFPFIg?annotation_id annotation_2804451371&feature iv&src_vid g9riKP7NCDA&sub_confirmation 1 ►LOOP THIS VIDEO CLICK HERE! s www youtube com watch?v 67iiDxKhP0s&t 29s&index 1&list PLsHI2-Mg98aC3Y4Sz3uQzifWJnFQyGozX ►COMPLETE Perfect Teeth Series Playlist s www youtube com playlist?list PLsHI2-Mg98aADkP2vncisiBlYhbb7kpy7 ►DOUBLE THE SPEED OF YOUR RESULTS! CLICK HERE! s www youtube com watch?v kgkgGi_Pwlw This works to get you perfect straight teeth per user request Make sure to listen consistently to ensure adequate results Over time, You may feel slight soreness in the gums or even some tooth sensitivity which is just a sign that it is working (This is a Uni-sex formula - For Men and Women) Headphones are optional Be sure to give yourself enough listening time! The brain requires about 7 minutes to entrain, or fall in sync, with the audio stimulus Give yourself at least 15-30 minutes of listening time MINIMUM to experience the benefits (but the longer, the better) You can listen as much as you desire for quicker results TO PLAY THIS VIDEO ON REPEAT, RIGHT CLICK ON THE VIDEO AND THEN SELECT “LOOP” GET PERFECT STRAIGHT TEETH WITHOUT BRACES FAST! - SUBLIMINAL IMPORTANT--Do not forget to "like" the video to activate the magic By pressing the like button, you are activating the magic to unfold ****PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC WHEN MAKING REQUESTS TO ENSURE ADEQUATE AND ACCURATE FORMULA UPLOADS**** You Can Multi-task while listening Downloading The Audio will cause the audio to be ineffective (Will not produce results) You can listen to while multi-tasking (not while doing tasks that require extreme amount of focus & while driving) However, effects will be amplified if you listen when your mind is conscious or less active (relaxing, sleeping, meditating etc ) FYI We Do Not Practice Black Magic or WitchCraft Our formulas consists of a different type of work --Race, ethnic background or language spoken does not have any effect on results unless it was created for a certain race specifically -- Listen daily until you achieve desired results! Listen at a minimum of 2 weeks for a difference Results will vary 2 weeks to 6 months GET PERFECT STRAIGHT TEETH WITHOUT BRACES FAST! - SUBLIMINAL You can meditate with your eyes open, and focus on a candle or an object to help focus your mind; or, you can meditate with eyes closed, and focus solely on the music Experiment with both to see what works best Beginners usually find eyes-closed meditation to be easier because there are less distractions Be patient Some Individuals may see results instantly while others may take more time This is a very powerful formula and should not be taken lightly We are open for requests Please feel free to request formulas in the comments section Safe and Effective Binaural Spells, Subliminals and Frequencies that actually work Make sure to request your desires so that we can formulate new spells for you The Rulers that be programmed the people to believe that magic is fake or fictional This is far from the truth The entire Universe is Magic Vibration and Energy The Rulers know this and use this to there advantage Magic is all around us everywhere Movies are created and make magic seem fictional please dont be fooled There will be people saying this is false and fake without even trying only because they have been programmed to believe so *************If your Request has not been uploaded yet, please request it again in the comments section to ensure that we create it for you since we get a large amount of requests daily ********** GET PERFECT STRAIGHT TEETH WITHOUT BRACES FAST! - SUBLI


Download ❤Get Straight, White Teeth Subliminal❤ mp4 download free video

⭐⭐⭐READ DESCRIPTION⭐⭐⭐ You will get •perfect straight teeth •sparkling white teeth •good smelling breath, spearmint breath •pink, clean tongue Affirmations I have straight white teeth My teeth are perfectly straight I have perfect straight teeth My teeth are getting straighter right now I have white teeth My teeth are sparkling white I have really white teeth My tooth enamel is strong and healthy I have healthy teeth My teeth are super white My teeth are getting whiter right now My teeth are perfectly healthy I have no cavities on my teeth My teeth are straight and perfect My teeth are pure white My mouth is healthy I have good smelling breath I never get bad smelling breath My breath smells clean and fresh My breath smells like spearmint My mouth tastes like spearmint My breath is starting to smell more minty right now I have a healthy tongue My tongue is pink and clean I have a healthy pink tongue My tongue is always clean My tongue is soft and healthy Everyday I see my teeth getting more and more whiter and straighter I see fast noticable results everyday I am gaining results right now My results come in super fast I am seeing noticable results Everytime I listen to this All rights and credits goes to the owner of the song being used No copyright intended I do not own ANY of the songs used in ANY of my videos Song •JBP - Up & Away NCS Release Finally, enjoy my video!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Download Perfect Teeth & Gums || Subliminal mp4 download free video

♡ σρєи мє ♡ Hihi! This is a subliminal designed to give you perfect teeth & gums! I hope it works well for you Please read the de ion before asking questions, thank you ♡в e n e ғ ι т ѕ♡ ♡Perfect teeth ♡Pretty teeth ♡Healthy teeth ♡Natural Straight teeth ♡Blinding white teeth ♡Bright teeth ♡Strong teeth ♡Strong enamel ♡Clean teeth ♡Smooth tooth edges ♡Smooth teeth ♡Corrected crooked tooth ♡Corrected chipped tooth ♡Free of cavities ♡Free of any tooth condition ♡Free of tooth erosion ♡Reduce tooth pain ♡Insensitive teeth ♡Regrow missing teeth ♡Remove extra unwanted teeth ♡Loosens food stuck between teeth ♡Healthy gums ♡Coral pink gums ♡Free of gum infection ♡Free of any gum condition ♡Free of gum cuts ♡Reduce gum pain ♡Strong gums ♡Superb hearing ♡Prevention from hearing damage ♡Receive all affirmations completely safely ♡Only manifest results you truly desire ♡Have a cooperative mind & body ♡Your body accepts change ♡Your mind will think positive thoughts ♡Your mind will be relaxed and free of negativity ♡You will have full belief in subliminals ♡You will get full results ♡You will see full results whenever you see your reflection ♡Your results will be complimented by everyone ♡Everyone will love and accept your results ♡You will love and accept your full results ♡Faster results whenever you drink water ♡Faster results whenever you think of happy thoughts ♡Faster results whenever you think of your desired results ♡Clear visualisation ♡Complete results in 5 seconds ♡Extremely fast results ♡Permanent results ♡Full results will be genetic and go through your DNA * My subliminals have no negative affirmations *I do not use binaural beats or frequencies *My subliminals are safe *My subliminals are unisex unless stated otherwise *As knowing the affirmations to a subliminal contradicts the point of the subliminal, I will not share them However, if you are still skeptical, you can DM on Instagram or send me an email asking for the affirmations Drink Plenty of water This is a very powerful & detailed subliminal Don t fuss about results I recommend the no mirror challenge Listen to subliminals for 30min or 1hr for faster results The more you listen, the faster you will receive results Your mind will block out whatever you don t want Listen at a comfortably low volume You should not hear the affirmations Results come at different speeds to everyone Sometimes after one listen-3 months Stay positive and believe that it will work, and it will Don t overwhelm yourself If you don t feel like listening to subliminals or aren t feeling well, take a break !!I am currently NOT taking personal requests I will allow generic requests as of right now since school hasn t ended yet!! Enjoy~♡ Instagram @suga subliminals Gmail sugasubliminals@gmail com Music Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Leon on ft MØ (CRNKN Remix) s www youtube com watch?v Obt-vLEJ8jo Camila Cabello - Havana ft Young Thug (Nitsuga Remix) s www youtube com watch?v DU3xxbk1Qfo {I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE USED M


Download ✧[Forced] Perfect Teeth Combo✧ || PAID Request mp4 download free video

♡ K r y s t a l i z e d ♡ B e a u t y ♡ ♔✧ You want to donate? Thank you! ✧♔ paypal me beautykrystalized ♤Request is closed, I only accept PAID request♤ IG @beautykrystalized Contact me beautykrystalized@gm­ail com *°✧ Affirmations ✧°* ✧ Perfect healthy oral teeth ✧ Straight white teeth ✧ Strong beautiful teeth ✧ Teeth look amazing when you smile ✧ Beautiful teeth that compliment your mouth & all your face ✧ Proportional & symmetrical teeth ✧ Perfect teeth proportion & position ✧ Forced limit pain (as your teeth shift) ✧ Regrow chips broken parts ✧ Fill cavities ✧ Total regeneration of gums teeth (when a tooth is missing) ✧ Minimalize tooth decay ✧ Strong teeth protection ✧ Mouth always smell good ✧ Healthy saliva (that protect well teeth) ✧ Clean healthy tongue ********************­********************­**** ♡ Important notes ♡ DRINK PLENTY of WATER, you need to be hydrated !!! Ⅰ Listen between 20~50% Ⅱ At least 30 minutes to 1 hour day Ⅲ All my subliminals are safe Ⅳ All results are permanent Ⅴ Do not contains hidden affirmations Ⅵ Do not contains binaural, frequencies, etc Ⅶ Can be downloaded (mp3) Ⅷ Earphones or headphones are optional Ⅸ Listen to my booster for faster results ***Complete results between 2 weeks to 3 months, it depends on each people********* ♡ I wish the best for you!!♡ ********************­********************


Download Perfect Teeth • H 2 O Subliminals mp4 download free video

SOOOOOOOO LONG TIME NOOO CCCCCCCNSBZHSBS Okay so I decided to try this new method which is inspired by malibu IN FACT I give full credit to her because without her I wouldn’t know how to make subs! 💓💓💓 I decided to add water sounds & I repeated the affirmations 25+ ( around 40 ) times Includes - straight, healthy, white, pearly, pretty teeth - desired teeth - strong teeth - get rid of any teeth gaps - be free from of any tooth pain, sensitivity, cavities, diseases, decay - correct any form of overbites & underbites - perfect bite alignment - upper & lower jaw have perfect skeletal harmony - golden ratio teeth - strong enamel - always have fresh minty breath ( be free of bad breath ) - perfectly sized teeth - repair & regenerate teeth - fix any crooked teeth - grow any missing teeth - healthy gums - perfect smile - Desired smile - beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, mesmerizing smile - smile that brightens up the room - healthy, pink, perfect tongue - perfect tongue alignment in perfect position - free from any excess saliva - photogenic smile - get rid of lisp - ideal perfect maxilla —————————————————————————— ☼ Listen to this subliminal for AT LEAST 30 minutes to a hour a day with a booster for fast results It can takes 2 weeks to 1 month to see results Share your results below! ☼ ——————————————————————————— ☼T I P S - stay hydrated - visualize or look at picture of desired outcome Super important! - strong belief - listen with headphones earphones - have a positive mindset - listen overnight for best results - combine subliminal with a booster for even better results ☼ ——————————————————————————— ☼ email h2osubliminals@gmail com ☼ ☼ instagram h2o sub


Download forced teeth bo j subliminal *requested* mp4 download free video

✧・゚ *✧・゚ * J Subliminals * ・゚✧* ・゚✧ Music s www youtube com watch?v B7qh8lXrxss s www youtube com watch?v bCAK5Q8n8Wk s www youtube com watch?v ByN7z-1F2bg ♡━━━━what you get━━━━♡ ✧ Perfect teeth ✧ Healthy and strong teeth ✧ Perfectly straight teeth ✧ Extremely bright and white teeth ✧ Healthy pink gums and tongue ✧ Be permanently free from (smelly breath, cavities, tooth decay) ✧ Fresh minty breath ✧ Good smelling breath ✧ Charming, sexy, and seductive smile ✧ Perfectly aligned teeth ✧ Perfect bite ✧ Noticeable deep dimples when you smile ✧ Plump and hydrated lips ✧ Soft and smooth moisturized lips ✧ Mini Booster ✧ Looking into the mirror speeds up your results ✧ Get results whenever you drink water, breathe, talk, eat, move, exercise and sleep ✧ Only get the results you desire ✧ Feel tingles, best results, full results, complete results, allowing body to change, permanent results, healthy body, healthy mind, immediate results when you look into the mirror, immediate results after you listen one time, super fast results and the fastest results ☆━━━━Tips━━━━☆ ✧ Water is your bestfriend! ✧ The longer you listen, the faster the results 20-30 minutes is desired ✧ Close your eyes and meditate to get in a calm zone ✧ Listen overnight if you can ✧ Boosters are your second bestfriend! ✧ A negative attitude can slow down results, so try to be be positive! - J ʕ´•o


Download Teeth Repair & Regrowth! Subliminal Hypnosis Biokinesis Frequencies Binaural Beats mp4 download free video

Teeth Repair & Regrowth! Subliminal Hypnosis Biokinesis Frequencies Binaural Beats Potion ☪LOOP THIS VIDEO s www youtube com watch?v ozAT7iZfTSY&list PLOq0GdUy473Y5C3KuXxEu6743jRZPUOYZ&t 9s&index 1 ☪SUBSCRIBE NOW! s www youtube com channel UCb2BmdUxatJgQEV38PiTaKA?annotation_id annotation_2804451371&feature iv&src_vid g9riKP7NCDA&sub_confirmation 1 This Subliminal Audio Potion was created to produce Pure Frequencies Subliminals Rife Frequencies Biokinesis Hypnosis and much more to help regrow or repair your teeth Listen daily and consecutively to allow the momentum of the potion to build up and produce significant results You may listen will multitasking or doing other things such as watching TV, studying, doing chores or anything else as long as you listen Headphones usage is optional Race, Gender, Language Spoken, karma, religious background nor current residence have nothing to do with generating results Remember, We are connected to everything around us The things you focus on will appear for you All you need is an open mind, a willing heart and a sincere desire to bring amazing things into your life And always remember that positive thinking is essential to the success of your magical practice I am now accepting requests that will cater to your needs You must be very specific and clear when requesting your potion or I will not be able to create it for you Teeth Repair & Regrowth! Subliminal Hypnosis Biokinesis Frequencies Binaural Beats Potion ➳Are headphones Ear phones required? No, Although you may not realize it, each headphone is actually sending slightly different frequencies to each ear This generates the "Audio Potion" inside your mind, the essential frequency required to alter your brainwaves If you listen to a binaural beat recording without headphones, it will still produce results ➳How do I get quick results? Simply get yourself into a comfortable position and listen That s all there is to it! You don t need to do anything special Just let the recording take you on a journey It s as simple as that You can listen to the audio while multi-tasking and performing various tasks all you have to do is listen Listen in a comfortable low volume Results will vary from instant results to 6 months of consistent listening and will be worth it (trust me) Please note that we don t advise use of the recordings while operating machinery You should also ensure that any special audio features on your player are disabled, such as Dolby Surround Teeth Repair & Regrowth! Subliminal Hypnosis Biokinesis Frequencies Binaural Beats Potion ➳How often should I use binaural beats? Use them as often as you feel like Using these audios should should be a fun and exciting experience If you re really not in the mood for them, skip a day Keep in mind that the more you listen the quicker the results will appear Listen until you achieve your desired results ⚛WE DO NOT PRACTICE WITCH CRAFT WHITE BLACK VOODOO SATANIC DARK EVIL OR RELIGIOUS MAGIC SPELL WORK⚛ Subliminal Warlock utilizes Ancient world tools consisting of Alchemy, Astrology, Astronomy, Mediation, Ancient Symbolism, Amulets, Sigils, Mediumism, Isochronic Tones, Monaural Beats, Extrasensory techniques, Enchanted Herbs, Potions (Personally Created), Hypnosis, Universal Subliminals, Shamanism, High Quality Frequencies, Ceremonial magic, Binaural Beats, Divination, Programmed Energy, Rife Frequencies, Biokinesis, Ritual work and many more precious techniques to powerfully produce amazing physical, mental, Intellectual and spiritual transformation results into your life Teeth Repair & Regrowth! Subliminal Hypnosis Biokinesis Frequencies Binaural Beats P


Download Get Straight Teeth Subliminal mp4 download free video

This is a requested subliminal This subliminal content positive suggestions to get - straight teeth - naturally align teeth - perfect teeth - clean and shining white teeth - strong and healthy teeth - strong and healthy gums - regenerating teeth - beautiful smile - heal gums and teeth - get rid of cavities Dear friends, I am receiving too many comments, it is not possible to reply every comment, please do not mind if I couldn t reply your message There are more than 200 pending requests so please do not send new requests because it is not possible to make video on every request There are more than 150 videos on this channel and I am adding new subliminal regularly Sooner or later you will get the subliminal you want, please be patient (There are more than 200 pending requests If you want Subliminal in 24 hours then please visit my website for more details ) - For custom subliminal hypnodaddy com - Twitter s twitter com HypnoDaddy9 - Facebook s web facebook com hypnodaddy Binaural beat 4Hz This recording is designed to engage your conscious and subconscious mind to get the changes you desire faster It is important to use headphones while listening to this recording because different messages are delivered to your left and right ears which will make your subconscious more receptive If you find this subliminal helpful then please Like and Share ! Subscribe the channel for updates! Photo credit Photo belongs to respective owner DISCLAIMER This video is not a substitute for medical treat


Download Correct Underbite + Straight, White Teeth mp4 download free video

This audio will correct your underbite, while making your teeth look clean, healthy and well shaped The affirmations included are very specific and designed to give very fast results Please drink plenty of water and care for your teeth properly to enhance results Affirmations include -acceptance of affirmations -transformation by affirmations -faith and belief in transformation -positivity -blockage removal -self love Underbite Removal -cure mandibular prognathism -cure malocclusion -profile correction(side & front) -receive the correct bite position -correct sizes and shape of teeth Straight, White Teeth -perfectly, aligned teeth -closed teeth gaps -healthy, strong, healed teeth w healthy gums -resistant against stain causing food & harmful acid -cavity removal & resistant - teeth whitening -desired teeth shape & size -immediate results -definite results -best results -permanent results -accepted changes More specific affirmations Cure mandibular prognathism -receive proper & perfect mandible & maxilla position placement w perfect symmetry Cure malocclusion -perfectly dental arches and placement -aligned & correct relation between teeth of both dental arches when they approach each other Profile correction (side & front) -healthy position & size of jaw and maxilla -correct jaw alignment and position Straight, White Teeth -perfectly aligned and proper placement of central incisors, lateral incisors, canines, first & second premolars, first, second & third molars -reverse tooth decay (cavities) & added enamel layer to root -hard, thick, strong, white teeth enamel Things to know -This is downloadable -It can be listened to with one earbud or speakers -It does not contain frequencies or binaurals -You must know basic English to listen -Works at any age -You can listen overnight -It is unisex Songs used Ibrahim - Anoraks and fog s m soundcloud com ibr anoraks-and-fog Tom Day - Ever After s m soundcloud com tomday tom-day-ever-after About requests? I am currently not taking requests but they will reopen when I have finished current ones Than

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