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Download 🎧 Clear and Beautiful Skin Help Make Your Skin Glow with Simply Hypnotic | subliminal mp4 download free video

Clear and Beautiful Skin - Help Make Your Skin Glow with Simply Hypnotic | acne relief | subliminal 🎧 Free download here s bit ly 2JVWeTW 🎧 Download on iTunes here s apple co 2HHZo12 🎧 Download on Google Play here s bit ly 2sTB5mF 🎧 Download on Amazon here s amzn to 2Uo1p46 🎧 Download the FREE Simply Hypnotic app here s bit ly 2EMS5Db 🎧 Manifest the Life of Your Dreams Here s bit ly 2ox1hBm 🎧 On Facebook s www facebook com SimplyHypnotic Skin looking drab and tired? Looking washed Out? Do you suffer with Acne? Are you considering cosmetic surgery plastic surgery? Help Improve the look and feel of your Skin, look radiant and feel good about yourself simply by listening to this Binaural Beat recording layered with over 300 carefully selected Subliminal Voice Affirmations, each resonating continuously Affirmations include "Each day my skin becomes more and more radiant, Every day my inner beauty shines brighter than before, Every day my skin becomes more and more radiant, I am a beautiful person, inside and out, I am blessed with beautiful healthy skin, I feel more beautiful every day, I give myself the care and attention I need, I have a beautiful face, I have clear, healthy skin, I have vibrant, clear skin, I know that true beauty comes from within, My skin feels supple and smooth, My skin glows with youthful radiance, My skin has the soft all-over glow of warm sunshine, My skin is clear and healthy, My skin is becoming softer and smoother every day, My skin is clear and radiant, My skin is healthy and youthful, My skin is smooth and soft, My skin is supple and well toned, My skin is clear , My skin is healthy, I always take proper care of my skin, I eat healthy food that is good for my skin, I am gentle with my skin, I direct blood flow and nutrition to my face, I always wash my face at the end of each day, My skin is beautiful, Others admire my clear skin, My skin is beginning to look smoother, I am noticing that my skin is feeling healthier, I am developing healthy skin habits and routines, I will wash my face regularly, I will take great care of my skin, Others are starting to notice my beautiful complexion, I am transforming into someone with perfectly clear skin, My skin is naturally clear, I have naturally healthy skin, I enjoy taking proper care of my skin, Beautiful skin is my natural right, I can direct positive healing vibes to my skin " and many many more Simply Hypnotic composes music for meditation, relaxation, music for sleep, reiki music, spa music, massage music, study Music, focus music and specializes in subliminal voice affirmation recordings uniquely designed to bring about significant changes to the mind, body and spirit Simply Hypnotic are a series of Hypnosis, Subliminal and Relaxation sessions - Complete Profession Recordings designed to help YOU reach your desired goal simply by pressing PLAY Recordings should NOT be listened to whilst driving or anytime the listener needs to remain focused My unique recordings are popular for the following ► Sleep Music Help achieve inner calm and total relaxation to allow the listener to unwind and de-stress before slipping into a wonderful rejuvenating sleep that can help promote healing These beautiful Theta recordings are designed to reduce insomnia and promote dreaming ►Study & Focus Music Simply Hypnotic s Music for Studying and Concentration is the perfect companion to help you to study more effectively and concentrate for much longer time periods Implementing beautiful ambience, Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats, my Study Music helps to increase brain power by implementing Alpha Waves, Delta Waves, Theta Waves and Beta Waves ► Relaxation, Meditation and Healing Music My recordings are perfect for Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation and Mindfulness meditation From Opening the third eye to cleansing the bodies Chakra points, these specialized recordings can also help increase meditation skills and contain Alpha, Theta, Delta and Beta Waves ► Spa and Massage Music Many of my recordings are used in my own practice to help visitors relax and remain calm Perfect for unwinding, my spa recordings consist of nature music from wind and rain sounds, calming ocean waves, rain forest ambience to natural sounds used daily to encourage ultimate relaxation Simply Hypnotic s music is great for massage therapy and our music will help you relax your mind and body Visit me at s www simplyhypnotic net #simplyhypnotic #voiceaffirmations #subliminalrecordings #beautifulskin #getridofacne #sleepmusic acne scars tips trea


Download Gavin James Glow (Official Audio) + New Album Reveal mp4 download free video

Listen here s GavinJames lnk to Glow Pre-Order my new album s GavinJames lnk to OnlyTicketHomePreOrder 🎨b y s www facebook com barryjazzfinnegan Subscribe to my channel bit ly GJsubscribe Follow on Spotify bit ly GJfollow Sign up to my mailing list now to be the first to get exclusive pre-sale tickets + VIP experiences!!😀 🙌🏼 s GavinJames lnk to MailingList Like on Facebook www facebook com gavinjamesmusic Follow on Instagram instagram com gavinjameslive Follow on Twitter twitter com gavinjames Official Website gavinjamesmusic com Gavin James - Nervous s www youtube com watch?v VvpKr_L8baM Gavin James - Hearts On Fire s www youtube com watch?v VvpKr_L8baM Gavin James - For You s www youtube com watch?v Togf-xagTJA Gavin James - 22 s www youtube com watch?v TE856Zwh71A Gavin James - The Book Of Love s www youtube com watch?v gHJ1TI-1Nzo LYRICS I’m trying to keep my feelings closed But I miss you I suppose Cos from our fingers to our toes There are secrets no one knows It’s just disguise A little white lie Gigging a hole to find out who am I Behind your eyes Love, don’t let me go If you feel the glow Out from the cold If you love me tell me so I double dare to say it first The only thing we’ve never heard I knew it from the day I met you I’d hang on your every word I may not have much but I have a enough So when you’re alone Do I cross your mind Cos you’re always mine Oh love, don’t let me go If you feel the glow Out from the cold If you love me tell me so There’s a world outside that’s waiting for you Oooooooh but no one can make your mind up for you So who am I behind your eyes Love, don’t let me go If you feel the glow Out from the cold If you love me tell me so Don’t let me go If you feel the glow Out from the cold If you love me tell me so If you love me tell me so If you love me tell me so #GavinJames #Glow #GavinJame


Download EVERGLOW (에버글로우) 봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat) MV mp4 download free video

♬ Available on iTunes, Apple Music s apple co 2F7yeMs Listen on Spotify s spoti fi 2Fs36Yv ‘ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW’ 괴물 신인 EVERGLOW(에버글로우), ‘봉봉쇼콜라’ 발매!! - 2019년 가요계를 휩쓸 초대형 걸그룹의 등장 ‘비주얼 끝판왕 X 완벽한 퍼포먼스 그룹’ - 시현, 이런, E U(이유), MIA(미아), 온다, Aisha(아샤) 영원히 빛날 6인 6색의 각기 다른 매력 - IDENTITY 스파클링 시크(Sparkling Chic) 2019년 가요계를 휩쓸 위에화 엔터테인먼트 코리아의 첫 걸그룹 ‘에버글로우’가 출격한다 ‘EVER’ 언제나, 항상 ‘GLOW’ 빛나다의 합성어로 ‘태양의 빛이 비치는 날과 비추지 않는 밤이 생기듯이 빛과 그림자 모두 우리만의 시간으로 만들겠다 ’는 신인 그룹의 강인한 의지와 에너지가 담겨있는 EVERGLOW는 프로듀스 48 방송 당시 독보적인 비주얼과 안정적인 보컬, 압도적인 퍼포먼스 실력으로 가장 집중을 받았던 김시현, 비주얼 1등 왕이런에 이어 이유, 미아, 온다, 아샤까지 6인 6색의 각기 다른 멤버들의 매력이 하나가 되어 트렌디하고 감각적인 음악적 다양성을 추구하겠다는 의미를 담고 있다 에너지 넘치고 귀에 감기는 도입부의 멜로디 라인이 돋보이는 타이틀곡 ‘봉봉쇼콜라’는 The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber 등 미국 최고의 아티스트들의 곡을 만들어낸 Melanie Fontana, Lindgren, Jurek 그리고 최고의 작사가 JQ 가 함께 콜라보 한 곡이다 중독성 강한 힙합 비트에 EDM 신스 사운드가 잘 어우러진 트랙 위에 한국인이라면 거부할 수 없는 팬타토닉 스케일의 멜로디가 함께 하면서 한번 들으면 흥얼거릴 수밖에 없는 후크 부분들이 많아 리스너들의 귀를 즐겁게 한다 오랜 시간 열심히 준비한 노력의 결실로 드디어 데뷔의 꿈을 이루는 순간을 달콤한 초콜릿으로 표현한 가삿말은 에버글로우와 함께 하는 모든 사람들의 꿈이 이루어지길 바라며 ‘봉봉쇼콜라(Bon Bon Chocolat)’라고 외치는 우리들만의 언어로 표현, 영원히 빛난다는 에버글로우의 메시지 또한 전달하고 있어 가사의 내용 또한 흥미진진하다 ‘꿈 봉봉쇼콜라’!! 2019년 최고의 흥행곡으로 거듭날 것이라 믿어 의심치 않는다 ‘ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW’!! 앨범명과 같이 당찬 포부로 2019년 가요계로 불쑥 날아들어온 그녀들의 날갯짓이 시작


Download Most Beautiful Music "Embers Glow" by Bob Bradley & Thomas Balmforth mp4 download free video

Subscribe hdsoundi com go subscribe Music by Bob Bradley & Thomas Balmforth Listen to this video on loop hdsoundi com video-705&loop License this music piece on Audionetwork s www audionetwork com browse m track embers-glow_149803 Follow Bob Bradley s twitter com bobbradleymusic s www blacklodge club s open spotify com artist 3aSi27q0US6Cr2gysxeRkL firmmusicgroup com Follow Thomas Balmforth s open spotify com artist 7BJi9utAsLCbekstXvZiK1 firmmusicgroup com ARTWORK DETAILS Image link (Pixiv) bit ly 2rsPC7R By 夏T Follow the artist s www pixiv net member php?id 12154706 s www weibo com 5096585295 profile POPULAR PLAYLISTS Epic hdsoundi com go epic Battle hdsoundi com go battle Emotional hdsoundi com go emotional Beautiful hdsoundi com go beautiful IMPORTANT NOTICE This channel is only for promotional purposes, none of the featured music or artwork are created by me Please don t ask for permission, I m not allowed to give any Have a question? The FAQ page may be useful hdsoundi com go faq MUSIC PROMOTION In order to submit your own music, follow these 3 simple steps 1 Send me a PM on my facebook page hdsoundi com go facebookPM 2 Message should start with word - PROMOTION 3 In message must be included music file s or link s to them (soundcloud, bandcamp, etc ) FIND MORE ABOUT EPIC MUSIC & HDSOUNDI Subscribe hdsoundi com go subscribe Backup channel hdsoundi com go backup Official website hdsoundi com go official Facebook hdsoundi com go facebook Soundcloud hdsoundi com go soundcloud Spotify hdsoundi com go spotify VKontakte hdsoundi com go vkontakte "Where words fail, music speaks " - Hans Christian And


Download 'Afterglow' Ambient Mix mp4 download free video

Hi all Recently, we have more than 250,000 subscribers This has already become a tradition to produce a big mix in honor of such an event And today I m happy to share with you another wonderful mix called "Aterglow" Thank you all, I am proud of our community! #WeAreAmbient Download s soundcloud com ambientmusicalgenre afterglow-ambient-mix Spotify Playlist bit ly AmbientSpotify 📌 Suggested mix Discover Ambient Mix s youtu be PPmVDC4zdCY Tracklist 00 00 Josh Leake - Dusk To Dawn 04 15 Andy Leech - April 06 43 Hazy - Timeless 09 31 Nizar - Morning Breeze 12 53 Sam Wallace - Shelter 20 13 Menual x Spaceouters - Strangers 24 44 myk - Ends This Way 29 01 Mayawaska - Nidra 34 41 Cerah - Those She d Lost In The Sky 36 40 Arros - Refresh One s Memory 41 25 Grandyzer - Foreign Body 47 56 Liam Thomas - Storm 49 59 Osk - Aurora 54 41 We Are All Astronauts - Elysium (Part I) 59 13 Nicolai Patricio - Somewhere But Not Here 01 03 51 Tristan Barton - Interlude 01 06 10 Owsey - Remnants of Departed Days 01 09 33 Wezi Mkandawire - Chasing Home 01 12 51 Borrtex - Changing 01 15 19 Flame Shapes - Aspire 01 19 20 Valotihkuu - First Light 01 29 15 Delectatio - Saudade 01 34 57 Solace - Epilogue 01 39 48 Protocat - Worthy (ft Natus) 01 46 08 AK - Lost in Thoughts 01 47 58 Elskavon - Syna 01 52 50 Eternall, Blure - Approaching Farewell 01 57 56 Sam Wallace - Hurts Picture by Kristopher Roller s unsplash com photos 3SFgixAUnAU s unsplash com krisroller 📌 Ambient Mixes s www youtube com playlist?list PLOoislNmW3OiDeQrbVYqBG0AZ-NdhH2D1 Follow AmbientMusicalGenre s soundcloud com ambientmusicalgenre s youtube com AmbientMusicalGenre s facebook com AmbientMusicalGenre s vk com ambientmusicalgenre s plus google com +AmbientMusicalGenre posts s ambientmusicalgenre bandcamp com s twitter com AmbiiMG Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) s ambientmusicalgenre bandcamp com All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons only If any artist, producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads (images also included) please get in contact with me and I will delete it (ambientmusicalgenre@gmail

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