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Please SUBSCRIBE - bit ly BWchannel Pre-Order Coyote’s Book - bit ly BOOKbraveadventures Watch More - bit ly BTToctopus On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote finds a Horseshoe Crab while tide pooling in Maine! More closely related to spiders and scorpions than crabs these ocean dwelling creatures have roamed the seas since the time of the dinosaurs Today they can be found all over the world but only come close enough to shore certain times a year to reproduce However timing these events can be hard to predict and it was only be mere chance that the Brave Wilderness team was able to happen upon one of these bizarre arthropods Now the only questions is…since they are closely related to scorpions, do Horseshoe Crabs sting?! Get ready to find out! Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there! The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters! Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on four exciting expedition series including the Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails, Coyote’s Backyard and Beyond the Tide - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the adventure that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures known to man! GET READY things are about to get WILD! New Episodes Every Wednesday and Friday at 7AM EST Subscribe Now! s www youtube com BraveWilderness Buy Coyote’s Book! bit ly BOOKbraveadventures Official Website s www BraveWilderness com Brave Wilderness on Instagram s www instagram com bravewilderness Coyote Peterson on Twitter s twitter com CoyotePeterson Coyote Peterson on Facebook s www facebook com CoyotePeterson Coyote Peterson on Instagram s www instagram com CoyotePeterson Coyote Peterson G+ s plus google com 100310803754690323805


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Horseshoe crab blood is a vital resource to the medical field It s unique in more ways than one the blue color and its ability to identify bacterial contamination in small quantities Horseshoe crab blood contains a special amebocyte that is separated and then used in FDA testing There s a lot of questions as to how blood harvesting affects the American horseshoe crab population, but some researchers are dedicated to the cause of protecting such a significant resource ------------------------------------------------------ Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, retail, and more Subscribe to our channel and visit us at www businessinsider com BI on Facebook s www facebook com businessinsider BI on Instagram s www instagram com businessinsider BI on Twitter s twitter com businessinsider -------------------------------------------------- Following is a tran of the video Narrator This blueish liquid is one of the most expensive resources in the world No, it s not the blue milk from "Star Wars " It s actually blood from a horseshoe crab, and the stuff this blood makes costs $60,000 a gallon So why is it so expensive and who s buying horseshoe crab blood? The blue color comes from copper in the blood But that s not it s most interesting feature The blood contains a special clotting agent It s used to make a concoction called Limulus amebocyte lysate or LAL Before LAL, scientists had no easy way of knowing whether a vaccine or medical tool was contaminated with bacteria Like E coli or salmonella Scientists would inject vaccines into huge numbers of rabbits and then basically wait for symptoms to show up But when LAL was approved for use in 1970, it changed everything Drop a minuscule amount of it onto a medical device or vaccine, and the LAL will encase any gram-negative bacteria in a jelly cocoon While it can t kill the bacteria, the jelly seal is like a fire alarm Alerting us to the presence of what could become a potentially lethal infection and prevent it from spreading Each year, the medical industry catches around 600,000 horseshoe crabs The crabs are drained of 30% of their blood and up to 30% of the crabs don t live through the process The survivors are returned to the water, but no one really knows how well or if they recover In 2016, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature bumped the American horseshoe crab up to vulnerable on it s red list, one step below endangered And the US population could keep falling, by as much as 30% over the next 40 years LAL Labs claim that the returned crabs eventually recover, but new evidence suggests that s not always the case Win Watson is trying to figure out what happens to the crabs when they re put back in the sea Win Watson So, the most immediate negative effect is mortality Anywhere from 10% to 25% of the animals will die within the first couple days after bleeding Narrator Bled crabs become disoriented and weak for a period of time, and females may have trouble spawning Watson If they survive the first – I ll say two weeks, week, two week — and they re back in their natural habitat they did pretty well   Narrator But it s getting through those two weeks that s the issue Watson You know, based on our data and other s I think that you need to treat them a little — if you re going to get — increase their survival rate, right, you need to treat them better Narrator Scientists are trying to find a synthetic alternative to help reduce the strain on the horseshoe crab population But so far, LAL is still required by the FDA for this type of testing So if these animals really aren t recovering at the rate companies previously thought, we might eventually run out of crabs to bleed If that happens, our lives and the lives of countless rabbits, might be at


Download Catch And Cook 450 Million Year Old Living Fossil Horseshoe Crab mp4 download free video

Catch And Cook 450 Million Year Old Living Fossil - Horseshoe Crab The original plan was to do some Blue Crabbing This would give me a break from fishing and I would also be able to clear out some fish carcasses from my freezer so I could get some ice cream Unfortunately, the Blue Crabs were nowhere to be found Fortunately, a cooperative Horseshoe Crab cruised by and volunteered to be in my video Horseshoe crab fossils have been found in strata dating back 450 million years ago The only place that I have seen these eaten were in South East Asia One of the common recipes seen at the markets was a Horseshoe Crab salad (Yam kai meng da) They basically roast the Horseshoe Crab, dig out the roe and fat and mix with Thai Mango salad This is all put back into the shell of the crab Bon Appetit KEY WEST KAYAK FISHING Equipment Used The Car - 1997 Honda Civic Hatchback DX The Motorcycle - 1997 BMW F650 The Kayaks 1) 2010 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 2) 2012 Hobie Adventure Island w Outboard Motor Mount - 2010 Suzuki 2 5 HP 4-Stroke Outboard - Lowrance Hook-5 The Rods Reels 1) 7 MH Shimano Teramar, TMS-X70MH, Line Wt 10-20lb, Lure Wt 1 2-1 1 2oz, Power Medium Heavy, Action Extra Fast - Penn Conflict 4000 - Power Pro 20lb - Power Pro 10lb - Andes 15lb pink mono 2) 7 H Shimano Teramar, TMS-F70H, Line Wt 15-20lb, Lure Wt 1 2-2oz, Power Heavy, Action Med Fast - Penn Conflict 6000 - Power Pro 65lb 3) 5 8" XH Shimano Treval Jigging Trigger Rod, TVC-58XH, Line Wt 80-200, Lure Wt, 160 - 270grams, PowerExtra Heavy - Shimano Torium 16 - Power Pro 65lb 4) 7 6" M Hurricane Calico Jack IM7, CAJ-457, Line Wt 8-17lb, Lure Wt 3 8-3 4oz, Power Medium - Shimano Solstace 4000 FI - Power Pro 20lb 5) 6 Ande Tournament Stand Up Rod, ASU-601A SDRMH, Line Wt 20-50, Power Medium Heavy - Shimano TLD-30A 2-Speed - Power Pro 65lb 6) 6 6" Shimano Trevala, TVC-66MH, Line Wt 50-100lb, Jig Wt 50-100g, Power Medium Heavy, Action Medium Fast - Abu Garcia 6500C3 - Power Pro 30lb 7) 7 Shimano Trevala, TVC-70ML, Line Wt 20-50lb, Jig Wt 55-135g, Power Medium Light, Action Medium Fast - Abu Garcia 6500C3 - Power Pro 30lb Plus a few other misc saltwater rigs that are used sparingly and some Bass rigs which I won t use in salt water Cast Nets -5 3 8" Plastic enclosed weights -6 3 16" Super Spreader SS-1000 1 lb per foot -7 3 8" Mako 1lb per foot Filming GoPro Hero 4 Silver GoPro Hero 3 Black GoPro Studio Editing Software Panasonic G7 -14-42mm F3 5-5 8 -20mm F1 7 Header Graphic Created By Jeff Kaphingst (www jeffthedesigner com) (www rack30


Download Horseshoe Crabs Mate in Massive Beach "Orgy" | National Geographic mp4 download free video

Horseshoe crabs have been on Earth an estimated 450 million years, pre-dating the dinosaurs by some 200 million years They are one of the few living creatures with blue blood, which is used by the pharmaceutical industry for testing drugs Horseshoe crabs live in the ocean year-round, but they make one annual visit to the shoreline to lay eggs in sandy, wet beaches In the United States, the highest concentration of egg laying is along the Delaware Bay ➡ Subscribe bit ly NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic National Geographic is the world s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what s possible Get More National Geographic Official Site bit ly NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook bit ly FBNatGeo Twitter bit ly NatGeoTwitter Instagram bit ly NatGeoInsta Learn more about this annual mating event news nationalgeographic com news 2014 06 140617-horseshoe-crab-mating-delaware-bay-eastern-seaboard PRODUCER VIDEOGRAPHER Wynette Yao EDITOR Nick Lunn SENIOR PRODUCER Jeff Hertrick PHOTOS www horseshoecrabs org ADDITIONAL VIDEO Charles River Laboratories Horseshoe Crabs Mate in Massive Beach "Orgy" | National Geographic s youtu be -55qGCHx1lE National Geographic s www youtube com n


Download Blue Blood?! Horseshoe Crabs mp4 download free video

Is it an alien? Nope, it is a horseshoe crab And its blue blood holds incredible power, contributing to the survival of their species for millions of years! In fact, their blood can be sold for up to $15,000 a liter! Watch to lean more Summary Horseshoe crabs have fascinated scientists because their unique blood has allowed them to surpass the dinosaurs, survive 5 extinction events, and thrive for millions of years This is because its blue blood cells contains a protein called coagulogen, which binds to unwanted pathogens and creates physical barriers to block their spread Music Stale Mate by Jingle Punks Follow me for video updates s twitter com WikiSkip s plus google com u 0 b 117776827804004280874 117776827804004280874?pageId 117776827804004280874 Sources www ncbi nlm nih gov pmc articles PMC452504 www ncbi nlm nih gov pubmed 9165082 www iflscience com plants-and-animals how-horseshoe-crab-blood-saves-millions-lives www cnn com 2014 09 04 health this-crabs-blood-could-save-your-life www sciencedaily com releases 2008 02 080207135801 htm s www youtube com watch?v 90LTtKIFY8U www endangeredspeciesinternational org horseshoecrabs html Images s upload wikimedia org wikipedia commons c c2 Horseshoe_Crab_Ancestor jpg gepaquarium org wp-content uploads 2015 09 Horseshoe jpg images sciencedaily com 2008 02 080207135801_1_540x360 jpg s i kinja-img com gawker-media image upload xegdboa8iydpyuqjtpid jpg s farm3 staticflickr com 2449 3979934805_cc8f347c3a_o_d jpg s theundisciplined files wordpress com 2014 07 blueblood jpg?w 672&h 372&crop 1 s i ytimg com vi gr7HTIPEm5w maxresdefault jpg rickangell files wordpress com 2013 06 20130624-065158 jpg magcdn biotecnika org wp-content uploads 2013 01 Adult-Vaccine jpg s onetwothee files wordpress com 2012 08 484418_10151086203127226_971973197_n1 jpg stlucieaudubon org hartBeat Images 2013 130908crabsDead jpg s newsela-test-files-f331e s3 amazonaws com article_media 2014 04 horseshoe-crabs-41c6a9e9 jpg 885x490_q90_box-0,349,3000,2013_crop_detail jpg Horseshoe crabs are marine arthropods of the family Limulidae and order Xiphosura or Xiphosurida, that live primarily in and around shallow ocean waters on soft sandy or muddy bottoms They occasionally come onto shore to mate They are commonly used as bait and in fertilizer In recent years, a decline in the population has occurred as a consequence of coastal habitat destruction in Japan and overharvesting along the east coast of North America Tetrodotoxin may be present in the roe of species inhabiting the waters of Thailand [2] Because of their origin 450 million years ago (Mya), horseshoe crabs are considered living fossils ( s en wikipedia org wiki Horseshoe_crab#cite_no

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