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Download Embera an isolated, primitive and naked tribe Chocó y Alto Baudó Colombia pueblo indigena mp4 download free video

Chocò (Baudo) is the land of isolated Embera and Wounaan indigenous tribes Chocò region is situated between the western cordillera of Colombia and the Pacific It is a carpet of uncontaminated tropical forest, a wild and violent region My intention is reaching a very small Embera village with around 60 people; this village is hidden among the mountains, in the sharp pain vegetation of the colombian rainforest Just I leave I already get the first obstacle A downpour stops me; an enormous quantity of water forces me to find shelter in a hut together with my carriers and other people Every day rains a lot for all the day, therefore I must postpone the departure for the following day In the Chocò the sun is rarely seen, in the morning but only for sometime The nature here is luxuriant, it is the uncontested queen and when it rains it can drain for days, without interruption That rain seems to penetrate in the body, in the limbs, in the bones; it never stops And when the sun isn t filtered by the clouds, it burns the skin and gives problems Author alvmos@tin it Unpublished original documentary UHD - 4K Sub ion to my channel s www youtube com channel UCwtwfdnQopghRdo6ChAIL3w?sub_confirmation 1 La regione del Chocò è situata tra la cordigliera occidentale della Colombia e il Pacifico E’ un tappeto di foresta tropicale incontaminata, una regione selvaggia e violenta E’ mia intenzione raggiungere un minuscolo insediamento embera con appena 60 persone, nascosto tra le montagne, nella fitta vegetazione della selva colombiana Le grandi festività, come pure l’arrivo di un ospite gradito, sono occasioni importanti per gli Embera che per mostrarmi la loro gratitudine, mi lasciano filmare uno dei riti più importanti la pittura corporale Questa pratica richiede molto tempo perché i preparativi sono numerosi; spesso sono necessari alcuni giorni Le donne si dipingono con una tintura scura chiamata jagua, estratta da un frutto della foresta Grattugiati i frutti appena raccolti, si preparano i recipienti per la bollitura Essi credono che la cottura debba avvenire solo durante la luna crescente perché altrimenti la jagua non possiederebbe alcune proprietà terapeutiche In seguito pestano le radici di una pianta e grattugiano il guscio di altri frutti che rendono il liquido più nero e denso Author alvmos@tin it Unpublished original documentary UHD - 4K Sub ion to my channel s www youtube com channel UCwtwfdnQopghRdo6ChAIL3w?sub_confirmat


Download The Japanese Naked Festival 裸祭り mp4 download free video

Re-edited at a bigger size and including previously deleted scenes! ALL BODY HAIR SHAVED!!! Don t forget to rate and comment! I talk more about this festival in a vlog here tinyurl com b4epsw (Gimmeaflakeman is my response channel ) ALL BODY HAIR SHAVED! Don t forget to rate and comment! ►Tomoko Sensei from TOMOKO DESU! videos can be found at youtube com bowietomo0803 ►Shougi channel ショウヤンチャンネル s www youtube com channel UCeomjl1N9Q6lv9gZqsV1jcw ►Tomoko s Shouyan collaboration video Quiz with MENSA( High IQ Group)! s youtu be De0RAdZv4Og ►My unedited channel youtube com gimmeaflakeman ►Support me here s www patreon com gimmeabreakman ►askgimmeabreakman@gmail com◄ ►For 英会話 students tinyurl com actionteacher ► Language blog maggiesensei com ► My blog gimmeabreakman com ► For students tinyurl com Japanesemoronstudents ► For Flakers tinyurl com jointhemoronarmy ► My facebook www facebook com Gimmeabreakman Google+ plus google com u 1 107179585028915366136 ►My other channels youtube com gimmeaflakeman youtube com victorintheworld youtube com gimmeabonedog youtube com japanesefoodchannel youtube com partnerisland youtube com actionteacher ►Twitter twitter com maggiesensei twitter com gimmeabreakman twitter com japanese4morons ►Instagram instagram com gimmeabreakman --------------------------- Japanese notes hadaka naked matsuri festival yatai food stand iidesuyo go ahead abunai dangerous otoko man dame bad meiwaku troublesome or "in the way" ------------------------- The small town of Konomiya, part of Inazawa city, just outside Nagoya witnesses one of Japan s most famous hadaka matsuri or naked festivals The raucous festival dates back to 767 when the local governor of Owari (present-day Aichi Prefecture) instigated the festival in an attempt to ward off a plague epidemic sweeping the country The festival has a number of stages On the second day of the lunar new year a post marked with the words "naoi shinji" is set up outside Konomiya Shrine An hour later at 10am a group of applicants arrive in the hope of being chosen as that year s shin-otoko or ("god-man") To be selected as shin-otoko is considered a great honor, though a dubious one in most people s eyes in view of what is to follow A huge 4-ton rice-cake (mochi) is prepared and is presented to the shin-otoko on the eve of the main festival For three days prior to the start of the matsuri the shin-otoko is kept alone, enclosed in a small hall in Konomiya Shrine He is fed only rice-gruel and water and has all his body hair shaved off as part of the purification rite The festival begins in mid-afternoon on the 13th day of the lunar new year when thousands of men dressed only in loincloths carry a bamboo pole covered with pieces of paper carrying the excuses of people who couldn t make it to the festival that year When the shin-otoko appears from the shrine the assembled men - many of them aged 23 or 42 (ages considered unlucky or yakudoshi) - converge on the shin-otoko in an effort to touch him and thus pass on their bad luck and so rid themselves of evil The shin-otoko s guards, who attempt to stop him getting killed in the crush, throw cold water on the crowds to help cool things down The event can be dangerous and people have suffered injuries in the past At 3am the next morning the shin-otoko carrying a "mud cake" on his back - symbolizing bad luck and calamity is chased away from the shrine and the mud cake is buried by the shrine priests This part of the festival is known as yonaoi shinji Later that morning the large rice cake presented earlier is cut up and distributed to worshippers Eating the rice cake is supposed to ward off illness and misfortune Want more info? Do a google search or Check out these links! tinyurl com bpgb7e tinyurl com 3


Download Stripped This Is What You Signed Up For (Episode 1) | Bravo mp4 download free video

This couple is exposing it all ►► Subscribe for More bravo ly Subscribe ►► Visit the Official Site bravo ly Official ►► Watch Stripped on Bravo! FOLLOW STRIPPED ON SOCIAL Official Site bravo ly Stripped Full Episodes & Clips bravo ly StrippedVideos Facebook bravo ly StrippedFacebook ABOUT STRIPPED Based on the hit Scandinavian format, this outlandish yet emotional social experiment aims to discover how people s lives and values change once everything they own is stripped away This new series exposes people s relationships with their personal belongings as they forego everything they own – clothing, furniture, money and all coveted possessions – for 21 days Each day, they may retrieve one item that they cannot live without, and priorities will inevitably emerge Expected to go about their daily lives by showing up to work, maintaining their families and keeping up with social circles – without their everyday necessities – each person jumps into survival mode in order to determine what is most essential to them With no shortage of outrageous and uncomfortable moments along the way, this transformative journey has a life-changing impact as they each uncover what truly matters to them most GET MORE BRAVO Follow Bravo bravo ly Twitter Like Bravo bravo ly Facebook Pin Bravo bravo ly Pinterest Bravo Instagram bravo ly Instagram Bravo Tumblr bravo ly Tumblr Bravo Media is the premiere lifestyle and entertainment brand that drives the cultural conversation around its high-quality, interactive original content that focuses on the network’s passion points of food, fashion, beauty, design, digital and pop culture The network’s diversified slate includes Bravo’s first ed series “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” ed comedy “Odd Mom Out,” and un ed favorites such as Emmy award-winning “Top Chef,” “Vanderpump Rules,” “Below Deck,” “Southern Charm” and the popular “Million Dollar Listing” and “The Real Housewives” franchises as well as the only live late-night talk show, “Watch What Happens Live ” Stripped This Is What You Signed Up For (Episode 1) | Bravo s www youtube com


Download Japan Child Suicide Epidemic Driven by School Discipline mp4 download free video

School Bullies (1996) - In Japan s schools, there is no allowance for creativity and individuality, which is leading to a culture of bullying and even suicides Subscribe to Journeyman here www youtube com sub ion_center?add_user journeymanpictures# The Hiranos son committed suicide after he was bullied at a new school The school authorities made no comment Satoru Ikeda, teacher, thinks that many students have lost their identity because of a harsh education system in Japan which does not tolerate individuality Rosalind Brown, English teacher, was shocked by the sight of young children wearing only a pair of shorts Even in cold weather the children stand in the playground in rows and rub each other s back to keep warm If children walk around from February to November with a bare belly they win a certificate Inside the class room they stand and recite English phrases in unison To get into a better high school and a good university, children also attend evening classes They enjoy themselves afterwards by going to McDonalds for a coke and doing their homework together Noriko Nagasaki opposes the education system and says that most parents are afraid to protest in case it affects their children s exam results For more information, visit s www journeyman tv film 230 Like us on Facebook s www facebook com journeymanpictures Follow us on Twitter s twitter com JourneymanNews s twitter com JourneymanVOD Follow us on Instagram s instagram com journeymanpictures Produced by Journeyman Pictures Ref - 0230 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world s most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today We represent stories from the world s top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time On our channel you ll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know a


Download +18, Swiss Government Supported Body and Freedom Festival, contains public nudity mp4 download free video

+18, Swiss Government Supported public nudity, Body and Freedom Festival Naked Performance in Urban Space Biel Bienne, Switzerland August 2015 www ritualtheater ch bodyandfreedom com Video Özgür Çağdaş www facebook com dunyabirmasaldir www youtube com user OzgurCagdas www instagram com ozgur_cagdas www twitter com Ozgur_Cagdas www plus google com +OzgurCagdas you can read about festival in my blog (both turkish and english versions available) www dunyabirmasaldir com the-body-and-freedom-festival-naked-performance-in-urban-space-public-nudity-in-bielbienne-switzerland Names of some artists of the GANG Miru Kim, Elya May, Lan Hungh, Thomas Zollinger for more artist, the list here bodyandfreedom com wp-content uploads 2015 07 BAFF_Programm_FR_VE pdf EksiSozluk ten gelip "orda türk olsa ne olurdu?" diyenlere, videoyu çeken bi türk olarak benim, ismim yazıo, uyarılar türkçe, aşağıda linklerim var, anlayamıyomusunuz türk olduğumu ) Ayrıca National geographic te çıplak afrika kabilesi üyesi görünce yadırgamıyorsun da, isviçre sokağındakini neden yadırgıyorsunuz? Yadırgayacak şey ararsanız, Elazığ da 8yaşından itibaren 7yıl boyunca tecavüze uğrayıp da, tüm köyün ses çıkarmamasından başlasanız daha iyi olabilir Detaylı açıklamayı blogumda yazdım www dunyabirmasaldir com isv


Download Kalapalo tribe Xingu river Brazil Painting on naked body Mato Grosso indigenous mp4 download free video

In Xingu river there are Kalapalo tribe The Kuarup is the main festival; the indians use paint their bodies and wear special robes for the occasion Exposed in the village courtyard, the trunk is also adorned with necklaces and headdresses and painted with urucum, genipap, charcoal, clay and limestone Pajés, couples and warriors, then, cry, sing, dance and play the uruá and maracá in honor of the dead until dawn For the Indians, it is at this moment that the soul of the one who died is aware that it belongs to another place The Kalapalo are an indigenous people of Brazil They are one of some peoples who inhabit the Xingu National Park in the Upper Xingu River region of the state of Mato Grosso The Kalapalo have an attitude towards cleanliness which encompasses all aspects of life such as; food, houses, belongings, and physical appearance In a precise time every year, when manioc is being ready to be planted or when it is harvesting time, it is not uncommon to find them bathing three or four times a daily The Kalapalo s attitude towards cleanliness approaches the excessive side Manioc is planted by men… women collect it and return to their houses to begin the long process of converting the day’s harvest into food Author alvmos@tin it Unpublished original documentary HD Sub ion to my channel s www youtube com channel UCwtwfdnQopghRdo6ChAIL3w?sub_confirmation 1 A vida social nas aldeias kalapalo no Parque Indígena do Xingu em Brasil– um dos quatro grupos de língua Karib que habita a região do Alto Xingu, englobada pelo Parque Indígena do Xingu – varia de acordo com as estações do ano Na estação seca, que se estende de maio a setembro, a comida é abundante e é tempo de realizar rituais públicos, que costumam contar com muita música e a participação de membros de outras aldeias Na estação chuvosa, a comida torna-se escassa e a aldeia fecha-se nas relações entre as casas e os parentes No contexto multiétnico do Parque Indígena do Xingu , os Kalapalo têm se destacado por uma participação ativa na vigilância de seus limites, evitando a invasão de fazendeiros vizinhos Durante o Kuarup, os índios usam pinturas e vestes especiais para a ocasião Exposto no pátio da aldeia, o tronco também é enfeitado com colares e cocares e pintado com urucum, jenipapo, carvão, barro e calcário Pajés, casais e guerreiros, então, choram, cantam, dançam e tocam a uruá e maracá em homenagem aos mortos até o amanhecer Para os índios, é nesse momento que a alma de quem morreu tem consciência de que pertence a outro lugar Autor alvmos@tin it Documentário original não publicado HD Inscrição a meu canal s www youtube com channel UCwtwfdnQopghRdo6ChAIL3w?sub_confirmat

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