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Robert Hunter  Charge  Monologue

Robert Hunter Charge Monologue mp4 3gp

Charge is a play by Eric Kaiser This is a monologue performed by Robert Hunter from the following ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2012-05-25 09:55:19

Charge monologue FULL

Charge monologue FULL mp4 3gp

CHARGE monologue by Eric Kaiser- "Pi ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2012-12-31 06:41:07

CHARGE by Eric Kaiser

CHARGE by Eric Kaiser mp4 3gp

Synopsis In this monologue, Martha is speaking to her husband George She has made a bet with him that he cannot deduce the outcome of the story she is about to tell him She then tel ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2016-04-09 06:18:14

Pierre s Monologue   Charge  a Play by Eric Kaiser

Pierre s Monologue Charge a Play by Eric Kaiser mp4 3gp

Isaac James Barnes, performing a piece from Eric Kaiser s play Charge Isaac on Instagram; s www instagram com isaacjhba ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2016-10-16 02:34:14

Martha Monologue from Charge

Martha Monologue from Charge mp4 3gp

This was only 2 years ago, I look so young E ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2016-05-16 03:20:35

Charge by Eric Kaiser

Charge by Eric Kaiser mp4 3gp

My name is Carla Vergara This is Martha s monologue from the play Charge, a comedy by Eric Ka ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2012-03-30 10:05:46

"Getting Out" Monologue mp4 3gp

Monologue from Marsha Norman s, "Getting ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2016-03-31 05:36:06

Paul Monologue 1  3

Paul Monologue 1 3 mp4 3gp


Kiriam Ruiz |
2014-01-17 17:17:44

Charge Monologue

Charge Monologue mp4 3gp

A monologue Charge by Eric Kaiser, I practiced and recorded it I m just now getting into acting, so I will be studying monologues, maybe to muster up the courage to go for more speaking rol ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2013-09-29 03:12:10

The best monologue ever

The best monologue ever mp4 3gp

Giovanni Guidelli, italian actor, plays the best monologue ever www giovanniguidell ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2013-08-06 07:27:58

"Getting Out" Audition Monologue mp4 3gp

This is one of my audition monologues from a play called "Getting Out" written by Martha Norman Ace Anderson (Adam A Ande ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2013-05-22 14:40:14

Charge Monologue by Eric Kaiser

Charge Monologue by Eric Kaiser mp4 3gp

This is me performing Martha s Monologue from the play "Ch ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2013-03-23 00:30:09

AADA Comedic Monologue audition

AADA Comedic Monologue audition mp4 3gp

Charge by Eric Kaiser Martha s monol ...

Kiriam Ruiz |
2012-12-01 17:59:30

Charge  Martha Monologue

Charge Martha Monologue mp4 3gp


Kiriam Ruiz |
2014-09-30 21:05:11

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