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Download FIRST LOOK 👀 Suaoki 400Wh SOLAR PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY mp4 download free video

Suaoki 400Wh Power Supply amzn to 2t1ruI0 Less Expensive 220Wh "Little Brother" amzn to 2t1qwvB Optional SOLAR panel amzn to 2tWLXT3 Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium amzn to 2v620L0 The wife s MONSTER hair dryer!!! amzn to 2tXkws5 GET YOUR RV GEAR HERE! amazon com shop LongLongHoneymoon Loloho on PATREON s www patreon com longlonghoneymoon OFFICIAL LOLOHO T-SHIRTS ARE HERE!!!! amzn to 2qjgBkP ScanGauge II rear view mirror mount amzn to 2gsT9y8 CAT 6 Cable (for ScanGauge II) Extension amzn to 2gtBGpo OUR NEW STEREO amzn to 2i1N3Zl Archoil AR6200 amzn to 2yevISv Archoil AR9100 amzn to 2zccfQX Weber Q1000 amzn to 2CENtcB Weber Q1200 amzn to 2sMkSTf Good Sam Campground Directory amzn to 2jiFm1k Our INFLATABLE BOAT amzn to 2dK4LMv Our MAIN CAMERA amzn to 2pyPR1s Our SECOND CAMERA amzn to 2pGXwce Our FULL FRAME CAMERA amzn to 2pzevit Our APS-C CAMERA amzn to 2pH7kDk Our POCKET CAMERA amzn to 2qGIWkm Our ACTION CAMERA amzn to 2pGU6WZ Our DRONE amzn to 2qGSUCk Walmart Locator amzn to 2HoUtgy Loloho e-books amzn to 1oh2jie Loloho on Facebook Facebook com LongLongHoneymoon The "BONE TOOL" amzn to 2biUdiO Antisway bar amzn to 1zi9bgp Counter Assault Bear Spray amzn to 1FoY2fk Oxygenics shower head amzn to 1Et4Ydr Inverter generator amzn to 1Et52dg LED spotlight amzn to 1vA6qIW Sean s Tilley hat amzn to 1vA6sAB Merrell Jungle Moc shoes goo gl WxSYgg Walkie talkies amzn to 1vA6wjN Sanyo ENELOOP Rechargeable Batteries amzn to 22eZnzU Boeshield T-9 lubricant amzn to 17zGLFa Weber portable grill amzn to 2t2EfCo Air-Dryr amzn to 1Et5fwX OBDII code reader amzn to 1vA6Dfn Water “jerry can” amzn to 1FuuSLU 30 Amp Surge Protector amzn to 1oDlqDd Garmin "RV Navigator" GPS amzn to 22Yzh6r The "El Cheapo" Garmin (#1 Bestseller!) amzn to 1Rpmiqy A Better GPS Mount Garmin Portable Friction Mount amzn to 1VRTfxH Too cheap for a GPS? ;-) amzn to 1ZIYUGp MAXTRAX Emergency Vehicle Traction amzn to 208EM0y Champion 75537i amzn to 2vzxbmv Briggs & Stratton P3000 amzn to 2huZsnG Kill-a-Watt EZ Electricity Meter amzn to 2vokKt4 Trailer Aid tire changing ramp amzn to 17zGXUU Pink flamingos amzn to 1LF6Q2U AFFILIATE LINK DISCLOSURE Friends, making a quality Loloho video is kind of like making sausage – only slightly more violent It s a ridiculous amount of work that typically involves high dollar camera drops, blue-screen-of-death computer crashes, and at least one angry shotgun wielding old man shouting, “Hey! Get the hell outta here!” Once the final video is posted, rewards here on YouTube are few and far between (unless you are a masochist who enjoys being verbally abused by anonymous trolls) One saving grace is our affiliate links JUST CLICKING THESE LINKS HELPS TO SUPPORT OUR LITTLE SHOW Think of this clicking as like tipping - except that it doesn t cost you anything extra! If you eventually make a purchase via one of our affiliate links, we will receive a few pennies (and Sean typically invests these pennies in duct tape and video gear) Again, it doesn t cost you anything to click these links, and it s a great help to us As always, safe travels, happy camping, and THANK


Download Solar to the Rescue! | Review of Suaoki Solar Panel + Power Station mp4 download free video

Products in this Review Suaoki 150Wh Portable Power Station s amzn to 2K0XANF Suaoki 100W Solar Panel Charger s amzn to 2qLAS3m -- Just when we thought we didn’t need any more solar… When designing our boat’s new battery and solar system, we had hired a contractor to build a bimini — on which we planned to mount most of our solar panels Long story short, we never got our bimini, so several panels have been sitting useless in our quarter berth Suaoki sent us a solar panel (100w Solar Panel Charger) and portable battery inverter (150Wh Power Station), and we’ve been surprised at how useful they’ve been for us — even after upgrading our power system Since we haven’t been able to use all of our panels meant for the bimini, the Suaoki panel’s 100 watts have given us the extra bit of power we’ve needed to keep our batteries charged — meaning no stays needed in marinas just to recharge our house bank The portable battery inverter has also proven its weight Lauren recently needed to access an old hard drive that required 120v If we didn’t have Suaoki’s power station, crazily enough we would have needed to trek ashore to find a cafe with an outlet to turn it on These two Suaoki products pair extremely well together, as the portable panel can charge the battery inverter directly, making them incredibly useful to anyone looking to get off-grid, but still stay charged up \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Patrons! Get a discount here www sailingsoulianis com suaoki ** We only endorse products we love ** This is our first product review video — let us know what you think! Cheers, Lauren & Kirk — Website s sailingsoulianis com Instagram s www instagram com sailingsoulianis Facebook s www facebook com sailingsoulianis Patreon s www patreon com sailingsoulianis — Music Take a Picture-JP - Hot Acid Alien Lust Bomb s jinglepunks com — Our camera gear Canon 80D - amzn to 2D6T6kO Canon M6 - amzn to 2Dyzya0 DJI Mavic Pro - amzn to 2FEiQGT RODE VideoMic GO - amzn to 2F


Download Suaoki G7 600A Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Review mp4 download free video

Suaoki G7 600A Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Review Product Link amzn to 1MwwFGA Efficient and Safe Feeling unsafe and awkward to ask strangers to help restart your vehicle? With Suaoki Car Jump Starter, boosting your car is safe, independent and time efficient With 18000mAh battery capacity, your vehicle can start about 22 times Just connect your vehicle to it and you are good to go Well-equipped Jump Start Pack Suaoki Car Jump Starter offers 3-in-one solution in a portable, lightweight, and drop-resistant packaging to not only jump start your car, but also to serve as a power hub for your digital devices as well as emergency lighting source for rescue Exclusive TIR-C Technology Suaoki charging family adopts an exclusive TIR-C technology, supporting target intelligent recognition of multiple devices and adaption to specific recharge rate to turbo-boost the charging process in safer constant current Specifications Battery Li-Polymer Product Input DC 15V 1A (3 0 x 2 0mm) Product Output DC 5V 2 1A 12V 3 5A 16V 3 5A 19V 3 5A USB Port Dual USB Output Charging Time around 4 5 hours Start current 300A Peak current 600A (3s) Applicable temperature range -20℃~60℃ Package Content 1x Suaoki Jump Starter 1 Pair Battery clamps 1x Car charger 1x Notebook adapter cable 8x Notebook adapter connector 1x AC Power Charger adapter 1x User manual twitter com AwkwardHamster s www facebook com AwkwardHamster s plus google com +AwkwardHam


Download Suaoki Mini Air Compressor Review mp4 download free video

On Amazon UK amzn to 2dqRhV9 On Amazon USA amzn to 2dqRIyX I ve been unlucky so far with tyre inflators compressors They seem to fail very quickly and a look inside usually shows why, very poor materials used and no thoughts as to the mechanical load exerted on the crank, motor and gears when the compressor is trying to push against the tyre air pressure of 30psi and upwards Usually I ve found they jam causing instantaneous overload and as most of them aren t fused it ends up blowing the car fuse for the auxiliary circuits This unit appears to have a little better construction and some attention to the above areas has been made The crank has been drilled to balance it - to prevent severe vibration The gears are all l rather than plastic and although they are not fitted with phosphor bronze sleeves I guess for the occasional use to top up the tyres the design is adequate There is a fan fitted to the motor for forced cooling however due to the nature of compressing air there is always heat generated in the compressor piston which needs to be dispersed 15 minutes run time is the stated maximum time with an equal cool down period - and I would advise this also Checking the accuracy of the gauge with a more professional product I found mine to read over by just 1 psi - excellent for this class of product but I would always advise that you check the pressure in your inflated tyres with a known quality gauge and when they are cold Initially I thought the short inflator lead (100mm or 4 inches) would present some attachment and gauge reading problems Whilst not ideal it is possible to install and read the gauge at whichever position the tyre vale ends up on the road wheel There is a low power LED light which illuminates as soon as the auxiliary circuit of the car is turned on and the cigarette plug inserted I doubt this light is of any real purpose It is at the base of the unit and does not illuminate either the tyre valve or the gauge so in dark or dusk conditions you still may need a small torch to read the gauge if you are unfortunate to find your tyre deflated when you return to your vehicle It s a small bore compressor and takes about 6 minutes to inflate an 7J - 17 inch wheel from 10 to 30 psi It s not quiet, but none of these units are due to the nature of their operation On the plus size this compressor has 10 feet (3 metres) of connecting cable which should be long enough to reach front or rear tyres from a dashboard mounted accessory socket I must point out this unit isn t fused so any potential fault occurring which causes the motor to seize may cause the car auxiliary fuse to be blown, if you can replace the plug with a 7A fused one to be safe I measured the open vented pipe current to be just over 2 5amp and when inflating on a tyre at 35 psi was 4 3A The unit comes with a very neat nylon carry case and 3 accessory adaptors for inflating balls, airbeds and bicycle t


Download 車中泊に最適な最新ポータブル電源!suaoki G500 mp4 download free video

amazon s amzn to 2Gf9otA G500の放電深度(DOD)について、 バッテリ寿命を延ばすためにDODを90%に設定してあります。つまり500Whの90%しか放電できません。10%の電力は、エネルギー損耗(送信時)を補うために事前に保留されています。 500wh×0 9 450wh デバイスの充電時間を計算するには、次の式を参考ください: 充電時間 500Wh×90%÷P (P 接続されたデバイスのパワー) クラウドファンディング s readyfor jp projects 15343 提供:suaoki ■チャンネル登録よろしくお願いします!↓ s www youtube com user Mikasu3298?sub_confirmation 1 ************************************* Mikasuのおすすめ商品   Mikasuのおすすめ!アウトドア編     www amazon co jp lm RSJ9G8SG7X2W9   Mikasuのおすすめ!カメラ機材編     www amazon co jp lm R32EYTOCOCZJYI   ※上記製品リンクURLは     Amazonアソシエイトのリンクを使用しています。 Mikasuの動画   Mikasu-Channel(メインチャンネル)     s www youtube com channel UCKjNkGY645qPhT3OaB2QGzg   Mikasu’s Campmania(キャンプチャンネル)     s www youtube com channel UCKDcdLTO7UO0UImcRlVdkkg   Sakura-Channel(ミニチュアダックスチャンネル)     s www youtube com channel UCBCUZMs51hrGegUUTaAxRCA   Mikasuのちょこっと動画(サブチャンネル)     s www youtube com channel UC4L96solLr6lFtq894wKYNA   Drift Mania RC - MikasuWorks(ラジドリチャンネル)     s www youtube com channel UCCO2DeU5JigwcWG3hTnbFiQ   Mikasuのブログ     ameblo jp mikasu3298 ***********************************

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