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Tokka   Crush

Tokka Crush

views14081 Views
likes 112 likes
dislikes 4 dislikes

My second Tokka vid, yay! I just heard this song yesterday and the first shipping that came into my mind was Tokka! Let the fandom live on! Enjoy the vid, watch, rate and com ... 2008-08-17 08:39:39
ATLA  Kataang  Tokka  Maiko  Crush

ATLA Kataang Tokka Maiko Crush

views5074 Views
likes 62 likes
dislikes 0 dislikes

THIS is david archuleta, u crazy people who dont no who he is request for jesusfreak, hope you like imma try to go mv crazy this week, cuz i dont hav school *hehe* i own not ... 2008-11-23 20:38:49
Tokka  Toph s Life Would Suck Without Sokka (Avatar)

Tokka Toph s Life Would Suck Without Sokka (Avatar)

views384034 Views
likes 2664 likes
dislikes 242 dislikes

Watch in HQ! Trust me, it s way better that way I originally planned for this to be uploaded during Tokka week, but I am seriously bad at estimating how much time something will take m ... 2009-02-22 16:58:03
ATLA  Tokka  Lovebug

ATLA Tokka Lovebug

views17544 Views
likes 127 likes
dislikes 5 dislikes

IMPORTANT I made a back up account, and you need to friend me in case anything happens im only going to upload my stuff IF something happens, so you have to friend me so go to my curre ... 2008-10-12 19:32:15
Toph MyBestFriend sBrother (tokka)ღ

Toph MyBestFriend sBrother (tokka)ღ

views1219 Views
likes 18 likes
dislikes 0 dislikes

REEAAAD! So this song i Think is perfect for Tokka haha cuz toph and katara is best friends and sokka is kataras brother! Well that s my opinion! A question Do you Think i should skip th ... 2013-08-18 17:14:08
Tokka || Gangsta Love

Tokka || Gangsta Love

views1958 Views
likes 52 likes
dislikes 0 dislikes

{watch in hd please} --------------------------------- Another Avatar vid, featuring my favorite Avatar couple, Tokka!! 3 I absolutely LOVED doing this one! Took me only about 4 hours m ... 2010-05-08 20:26:25
The diary of Tokka

The diary of Tokka

views7788 Views
likes 170 likes
dislikes 3 dislikes

READ---------------- The project won t open ( so I m putting this video in public now It s not finished But I hope you like it anyway ) If you want lyrics in t ... 2008-07-27 09:30:00
tokka   don t let me fall

tokka don t let me fall

views16316 Views
likes 251 likes
dislikes 3 dislikes

toph and sokka amv - from avatar the last airbender s o n g don t let me fall a r t i s t lenka esp for my tokkaneers tokka shippers! you know who you ... 2012-07-29 17:05:21
Tokka )

Tokka )

views22395 Views
likes 208 likes
dislikes 17 dislikes

I OWN NOTHING!!!! EVERYTHING BELONGS TO IT"S RIGHTFUL OWNERS!!!!! Toph and Sokka i know i ship Toko but I couldn t resist lol this is horrible yea i know my first try at something like ... 2010-06-10 21:58:47
Tokka   Distance

Tokka Distance

views3839 Views
likes 64 likes
dislikes 2 dislikes

My first fanvid because this song is absolutely perfect for Toph & Sokka and I couldn t believe there wasn t one already I claim no rights to Avatar The Last Airbender or Distance by Christi ... 2014-09-09 23:41:09
Tokka Everytime We Touch

Tokka Everytime We Touch

views22262 Views
likes 95 likes
dislikes 3 dislikes

I wanted to make a Tokka vid and since I cant get Avatar vids for some reason, so i made a slideshow of them *All pics thanks to Deviantart com I do not own Everytime We Touch by Casca ... 2008-03-02 22:21:50
Tokka   Heartbeat [Re Upload]

Tokka Heartbeat [Re Upload]

views4995 Views
likes 114 likes
dislikes 2 dislikes

Original Upload 04 05 ... 2011-10-21 15:51:11
Tokka   7 Things

Tokka 7 Things

views25905 Views
likes 169 likes
dislikes 2 dislikes

A Tokka video sort of a love hate thing I guess ENJOY! song "7 Things" by Miley Cyrus I OWN NOTHI ... 2008-10-23 03:44:45
Tokka Check Yes Juliet

Tokka Check Yes Juliet

views62913 Views
likes 397 likes
dislikes 10 dislikes

a new tokka mv has a few DoBS clips, but it just came out 2day, so D its more toph than sokka, but thats just cuz she s totally awesome, rit?? i hope u guys enjoy it, comments and ratin ... 2007-12-01 03:41:15
Over It Tokka

Over It Tokka

views27038 Views
likes 211 likes
dislikes 6 dislikes

Song Over It Artist Katharine McPhee Show Avatar The Last Airbender Disclaimer I do not own Avatar or the song Pretend that Sokka and Toph had a relationship for a while, then ... 2007-05-17 03:10:36
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